Bindusar tells Dharma that he could not talk to Chandra tonight and will speak to him next day. Charumati is there instead of Dharma and pulls Bindusar to her romantically. Bindusar asks Charumati what she is doing here and asks her where is Dharma.
Charumati says that Dharma did not stay back although she asked her to. Charumati asks Bindusar why is he not punishing Dharma for taking such a step. Bindusar says that Dharam did not do anything wrong and saved their family respect. Bindusar says he will end this marriage the next day. Charumati thinks that neither Dharma nor Bindusar are interested in each other. Charumati tells Bindusar he has taken a right decision. Charumati tells Bindusar he is only hers. Bindusar angrily grabs Charumati’s hair and says that he will never love her.
Bindusar asks Charumati to get out. The unknown man looks at Nandini’s sketch and calls her Savitri and says that she is his wife. The man says she is not queen but is his wife Savitri. The man laughs saying that he will make Nandini believe she is Savitri. Chandra wakes up in the morning and remembers that Nandini wanted to tell him something the previous night. Chandra wonders whether she wanted to confess her love. Nandini returns from the bath and Chandra pretends to sleep again.
Chandra slyly puts clothes for Nandini to wear. Nandini changes her clothes and sees Chandra slyly changing the jewelry too. Nandini thinks Chandra has started his naughtiness.  Chandra grabs Nandini and asks her what she was telling him the previous night. Chandra covers Nandini with a cloth and she is half dressed.  Nandini avoids telling Chandra anything and asks him to leave and get dressed for the functions. The maids tell Dharma that they have to dress her up for the function. Dharma asks them to leave as she does not want to dress up. Nandini comes there and says that she will dress up. 
Nandini tells Dharma that a lot of responsibilities will come on her being the wife of Bindusar. Nandini ask Dharma why she is not in Bindusar’s room. Nandini asks Dharma whether Bindusar misbehaved with her. Dharma asks Nandini whether she should call her mother or mother in law. Nandini tells her that she will always be her daughter. Dharma tells Nandini that Bindusar was kind with her and also said that he will end this marriage. Dadi comes to take Dharma. Kartikeya’s father says that they will leave taking their son and daughter in law along. Helena comes and tells Kartikeya’s father that they will do another ritual and then they can leave. The newly wedded couples do the rituals of ring finding. When Bindusar and Dharma have to do the ritual, Bindusar is not there. Charumati tells Helena that Bindusra is going to end this marriage. Helena is worried hearing this as she thinks it will effect Elis’s marriage. Bindusar comes there and says that he cannot do this ritual. Bindusar says that he wants to relieve himself and Dharma from this marriage. 
Chandra and Nandini ask him what he is doing and Bindusar says that he has initiated the procedure to end his wedding. Elis asks Helena to stop their wedding from breaking. Helena assures Elis that she will handle the situation. Chandra is furious and tells Nandini that Bindusar has done injustice with Dharma. Chandra is about to go to meet Bindusar but Nandini hugs him and stops him and makes him calm down. Nandini asks Chandra to promise that she will not get angry with Bindusar. Chandra says he will talk to Bindusar to stop him from taking some wrong step.
Precap: Chandra tells the unknown man that he will give him back whatever he has taken away from him. The man approaches Nandini and Chandra warns to kill him if he comes close to Nandini. The man says she is his wife Savitri.

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