Episode starts with Shivaay asking Omkara if he had fight with Gauri, Omkara wonders how come Shivaay remembers Gauri and not Anika. Shivaay sees Anika’s and Tanya’s reflections in the pool. Some time back. Anika and Dadi talk in Shivaay’s presence, Anika makes the drama of complaining about Shivaay.
Anika calls Shivaay fraud, Shivaay gets restless. Shivaay tries to cover up, Anika instigates Shivaay. Anika asks Shivaay why is he getting bothered if she is talking about her husband Shivaay. Anika says Shivaay’s vows were fake and that he is kanjoos. 
Anika says Shivaay gave her fake engagement ring, Shivaay gets angry. Anika and Dadi smile. Anika says she is selling the ring to Kabadiwala. Shivaay tries to stop Anika from selling the ring to kabadiwala. Dadi tells Anika to go ahead with selling the ring.
Shivaay says the ring is real, he takes the ring and sends off kabadiwala. Anika tells Dadi that Shivaay knows everything about the ring but doesn’t know who put it for her. Shivaay gets shocked, but covers up as Tanya comes. Anika gets determined to find the truth. Shivaay insists Omkara to recite a sher, Omkara does it for Shivaay, both hug each other. Anika gives signal to Omkara. Om tells Shivaay about his problems but stops in between. Shivaay asks Omkara if he had a fight with Gauri, Omkara asks Shivaay that he remembers Gauri but not Anika.
Anika hides behind tree, Shivaay sees reflections of Anika and Tanya in the pool. Shivaay covers up. Omkara tells Shivaay that because of him someone’s heart is breaking. 
Shivaay thinks that he has no other option till the time he doesn’t come to know Tanya’s game plan. Tej finds a photo of Tej and Shakti that was taken on the date of Kalyani Mills opening. He sees a threat related to Kalyani Mills. Jhanvi hears her voice on a tape recorder, Jhanvi realizes that she had spoken those words on her birthday, the day Kalyani Mills was on fire, Jhanvi receives the threat too. Abhay shows painting to exhibition organizers. They decide to auction it, Abhay offers to help them if they call off the contract with Omkara without penalizing Omkara. Shakti gets the threat of Kalayni Mills. Oberoi family is called at Kalyani Mills at 7 pm that night. Exhibition orgnizers decide to auction the painting. Abhay gets contract signed by them saying Omkara is free from the contract. Abhay sprays on the painting and destroys it. Organizers get angry but Abhay says they cannot hold Omkara responsible for anything. Pinky, Jhanvi, Tej and Shakti reach Kalyani Mills. The organizers call Omkara and tell him that they will have the exhibition only when Omkara’s paintings are ready. Abhay comes, Omkara realizes that Abhay did everything. Abhay says Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra are his brothers and he can do anything for them. 
Tej, Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi come in front of each other and get shocked. Tej says someone is playing with them. He says that the secret of Kalyani Mills must not come out else they will be destroyed. Tej suspects Pinky. They start fighting amid each other. They realize that someone creating fights in them, they get worried. Gauri is seen returning from Bareli after looking after her mother. Gauri says she has realized that she cannot live without Omkara and that she will clear all the misunderstandings. Gauri decides to confess her love to Omkara. She calls Omkara, he picks up but cuts the call before Gauri can say that she was in Bareli. Gauri messages Omkara that she will be home in half n hour. Omkara decides not to get trapped in Gauri’s lies. One Dayal Kaka brings sweets box for Bhavya, she refuses. He insists, keeps the box and leaves. Anti corruption inspectors come and check her cabin. They find money in sweets box. 
Bhavya gets shcocked, Bhavya gets accused of accepting bribe. Shakti and Tej decide to unite and hide the secret anyhow. Gauri reaches Oberoi Mansion and gets call from Arjun Sir. He appreciates Gauri’s efforts to learn English. He encourages Gauri to confess love to Omkara, Gauri says she will say I Love You to Omkara, Om sees her from the window and misunderstands Gauri and gets furious. Commissioner tells Bhavya that till the time inquiry gets over he will have to suspend her and that she has to return the badge and belt, Bhavya gets shattered. Arjun wishes best luck to Gauri, she turns and sees Omkara, he hugs her and makes the drama of being happy. Om says he missed Gauri, Gauri tries to show him the card, Omkara stops her and says he has a surprise. Omkara decides to finish their relationship.

Shivaay asks Anika why is she in dark when she gets scared, Anika asks Shivaay for the reason of not recognising her, Anika cries, Shivaay holds her in his arms, Tanya sees them.

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