The Episode starts with Abhishek saying I love you to Tanuja. Rishi gets angry. Manpreet takes him inside. Rishi says he said I love you to Tanuja. Manpreet says he is her husband and have the right to say. Rishi realizes that Tanuja haven’t said I love you too. Tanuja asks Abhishek why did he say I love you to make Rishi jealous. Abhishek says he really loves her and then says he has proven to be a good actor. Tanuja pats on his hand. Rishi thinks Tanu ji didn’t reciprocate Abhishek’s love. Abhishek, Tanuja and Natasha sit in the car. Rishi looks at them. Ahana sees them in car and stops saying moon appeared. Rishi thinks if Tanuja is also pretending to keep fast just like Netra to show that they are a couple. He comes to Tanuja and asks about the fast. Tanuja says she has kept fast for her husband.
Rishi asks if I decrease your husband’s life by making you eat something. Tanuja asks what nonsense and goes. She tells Abhishek that she will not do this puja to break the fast. Abhishek asks her to do the rituals, but don’t look at him and move away after seeing the moon. Tanuja does the ritual and sees Rishi through the net. Rishi asks Abhishek to make his wife have water and says she is hungry and thirsty. He tells that Tanuja used to faint before when she had kept fast, and it seems she has not kept fast. Abhishek says I know what to do and takes Tanuja with him.

Rano calls Rishi and asks him to break Netra’s fast. Rishi asks about the neighbors. Rano says she asked neighbors to break fast at their respective homes as they thought Tanuja as your wife. Rishi says now he don’t have to act and goes. Netra gets upset. Rishi tells Manpreet that he doubts that Tanuja and Abhishek are not husband and wife. Manpreet says they don’t love each too, if she was married the she would have kept fast for him. Rishi says they shall keep an eye on them.
Abhishek asks Tanuja if she had kept fast before too. Tanuja says yes, but you never noticed and tells that I have taken that girls’ place in your life, you were always busy in boxing and work. Abhishek says he felt good as she talked to him and hopes Tanuja understand his feelings and keeps karvachauth fast for him next year.

Rishi tells Manpreet that they shall search for proofs in Tanuja’s bedroom. They come to Tanuja’s house indisguise and gives money to Servant. He checks in room and sees Tanuja sleeping alone, and thinks he is feeling peace to sleep them separately.
Rishi asks Tanuja about the reason. Tanuja says the reason was irresponsible husband. Rishi asks when did you marry Abhishek?

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