Avni puts the knife against Guruma’s neck and asks everyone to surrender their weapons. Avni asks Neil, DD and Ali to take away all the girls. Avni throws kerosene on Guruma and threatens to burn her if she does not release the other girls.
Bebe is very worried for Neil and Avni and calls Prakash to know about them. Shweta wonders why Avni has put her own life in danger for Juhi. Shweta says she has an idea. Shweta meets the commissioner. The other policeman tells the commissioner that Neil was using the police force to find his ex-girlfriend.  Shweta is angry with the commissioner for not helping them. Shweta says that she will see whether Guruma and Dayawanti are in prison. Shweta tells the commissioner to come along with them and help them.
Commissioner agrees. Dayawanti is also caught and Neil says he will give her and Guruma death sentence. Amol suddenly comes there and puts gun on Neil’s head. Neil asks the rest to put their guns down. Dayawanti praises Amol for being her blood. Amol threatens Avni to leave Dayawanti or he will shoot Neil. Dayawanti says he is sure Amol will save her. Avni points gun at Amol. Avni says that she will kill Amol. Avni says that Amol is shameless and Aisha would have regretted giving birth to him.
Avni says that Amol is trying to kill her own sister’s husband. Avni warns Amol that she will kill him if Neil is harmed. Avni tells Amol that their relationship is over and she is not his Di anymore. Avni says that he does not deserve being her brother. Avni says she tried to save him from Dayawanti but now she will kill him. Dayawanti instigates Amol against Avni. Avni asks Amol to put his gun down. 
Avni asks Amol whether he will kill Neil and Amol says yes. Avni says she will not regret killing him. Avni remembers playing with Amol in childhood. Avni tells Amol that he is not Aisha’s son but is only Dayawanti’s grandson. Neil warns Avni not to kill Amol. Avni tells Neil that she cannot lose him and its best that she kills all the enemies. Dayawanti suddenly pushes Avni and runs away with Amol. Avni gets an injury on her head and her head starts bleeding. Neil takes care of Avni. Guruma also tries to run but DD catches her. Avni runs after Dayawanti and Ali asks Neil to go after Avni. Dayawanti leads Amol to a room. Dayawanti takes Amol to Guruma’s room and asks him to collect all the money. Avni comes after Dayawanti and Amol. Police arrives there and DD apologizes to police for helping Neil in undercover mission and shows the video evidence. Guruma runs away and Juhi runs after her. Avni looks for Amol and Dayawanti and asks them to come out. 
Amol is tensed and Dayawanti thinks of a plan. Guruma is running on the road. Ali and DD set out to look for Juhi. Juhi reaches Guruma and stares at her. Guruma asks Juhi what she wants. Juhi blames her for ruining her life. Guruma tells her that she made her Meher. Guruma warns to kill her if she harms her.  Avni warns Dayawanti to come out. Neil comes there and asks Avni not to take law in her hands. Dayawanti screams out from the room and tells Avni that she can never defeat her. Dayawanti tells Avni she has no proof against her. Neil asks Avni to leave as Dayawanti is right. Dayawanti and Amol walk out of the room. Neil calls out to Dayawanti and tells her that Amol is on his side and he is the one who helped him reach here. Dayawanti stares at Amol angrily.
Precap: Dayawanti shoots Avni and she falls to the ground.

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