The Episode starts with Kartik asking men to do work well. He pulls a rope and gets stuck. Naira comes. He asks her to help him, he is hanging. She jokes and then realizes he is really hanging. She clicks selfie with him. He asks her to put garland on his pic then. She says sorry and gets a cutter to cut the rope. She puts mattress. He holds her and says I m taking advantage of this situation. She asks are you mad, if anything happens. He says let it happen. He kisses her. He gets hurt and asks her to be careful. She cuts rope. He falls down. She asks are you fine.
They smile. She says this doesn’t happen with everyone, so we should live this moment, I have to get ready and reach venue. He asks her to get ready as his Naira. Naksh recalls his words. Yash comes and asks what

 are you thinking. Naksh says nothing, I m waiting for dad. Yash thinks I felt you are still not sure about Kirti. Kartik checks decorations. Aryan says I would have looked good if I have worn a sherwani. Kartik sees Naira coming and holds his heart.
She says Dadi gave this envelops for you. He holds her hand. He asks and my medicine for heart attack. She asks what about me, I will not get saved, don’t look so good. She asks what’s that and kisses on his cheek. She goes. He smiles. He says there will be much fun in this marriage. Naksh asks Devyaani did they call him. The ladies tell him about a rasam. Bhabhimaa says baraat will leave when Naitik returns. Kaki tells the rasam. Rajshri explains the significance and says this rasam makes all sorrows away. Yash asks fear and doubt also. Rajshri says yes. Naksh does the rasam. Kaki says some leaves are still left. Rajshri says its fine. Naksh says I can understand her tension, we can’t make some things separated even if we want. Suwarna makes Kirti ready and compliments her.
Surekha asks is Kirti ready. Suwarna says yes, look. They all compliment her. Dadi wards off bad sight. Kirti holds Manish and Kartik’s hand, and says Suwarna worked hard and made me ready. She thanks Suwarna and asks her to get ready. Kartik says even professional couldn’t make Kirti look better. Manish and Suwarna smile. Kirti says I m very happy, I m so lucky, I have seen family’s love. Suwarna goes to get ready. They all go.

Naira says all work got over, shall I go. Dadi says you have all responsibilities here. She says they are waiting for me. Dadi asks why are you asking then. Naira says I don’t want to annoy you, why do you have objection, because I m bahu. Dadi says don’t argue. Naira says no, I have noticed this, try to understand, that’s my family, my responsibilities will get less after Kirti goes there, I will feel guilty if I don’t go there, I want to see everyone and myself happy. She goes.
Naira calls Naitik. He sits sad and answers. She asks him did he reach, why did he not answer, did he sleep in car. Naitik says I can’t come today. She gets shocked. He says I have to stay here. She asks him not to joke. He says I m serious. She says its Naksh’s marriage. He says its my son’s marriage, I can’t tie his sehra, when he gets on horse, when he gets married and gets doli, I will not be there in any rasam and rituals, you tell me what shall I do. She asks what happened. He says case got complicated, don’t know what did Naman do, Naksh and I have to attend court hearing, else we can get jail, you tell me shall I come in his marriage or save him from jail. She cries and asks why does this happen with us. He says fate tests us. She says we want happiness, not such tests, mumma is not here, but how will we be without you, how will Naksh bear this, he will not do this marriage. He says no, this happened with him before, you will convince him and get him married any way, you have to do this. She asks him to understand, she can’t do this. He asks who will do this then, Lord is not doing right, we can’t cheat Naksh, we have to tell him truth.
She ends call and comes home. Devyaani and Rajshri compliment her. Bau ji asks did you talk to Naitik. Devyaani asks where is he. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji to call Naitik once again. They all see Naksh and compliment him. Rajshri does his tilak. Naira hugs him. Naksh asks where is Papa, did you talk to him. She thinks of Naitik’s words and says his flight got missed, he will take next flight, he said baraat should leave on time, he will meet on time. Naksh says no, baraat won’t go without him.

Naira comes alone. Kartik asks where is baraat. Everyone gets worried.

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