Now that’s bad news! If you were super excited to see Naksh and Keerti tie the knot, you’ll just have to wait a little more. Naksh is already upset that Naitik missed the mehendi and haldi ceremonies but Naitik even runs late for the wedding. As per sources, Naitik promises Naksh that he will be there for the wedding and help Naksh get ready with the sehra. But Naitik’s flight get delayed and he finds it unable to reach the mandap on time. Naksha loses his cool on finding out that Naitik won’t make it to the wedding on time and decides to not marry Keerti.
He makes it very clear that he will not marry Keerti until and unless Naitik makes it to the wedding. Everyone is shocked to see him so furious and at his decision. Naira and Kartik are the only ones who know that Naitik will not make it to the wedding at all since Naksh thinks that Naitik is just late. Naira and Kartik are in a dilemma wondering how to save the day and whether to tell Naksh the truth about Naitik or not. They even get into an argument about it. 

While Naira feels that she should tell Naksh the truth about Naitik not attending Naksh’s wedding, Kartik stops her and asks her to hide the truth. He will suggest that they just convince Naksh to marry Keerti and tell him the truth later on. However, Naira is hellbent on telling Naksh the truth and stopping the wedding. 
Considering how stubborn Naira is, we’re pretty sure that she is going to tell Naksh the truth and call off the wedding. But we wonder if Naitik will actually reach on time for the wedding to save the day. Fans are really not ready to see Naksh and Keerti’s wedding getting called off. We are really rooting for Naksh and Keerti to become the ideal couple after Naira – Kartik.

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