Episode starts with  Dadi telling Rudra to call everyone for Kite flying competition. Omkara, Shivaay and Rudra get worried about the competition. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get determined to win the competition. Some time back... Dadi tells everyone about the Makar Sankranti and Kites. Dadi tells Oberoi Bahus that Oberoi have Patangbaazi and Ishqbaazi. Gauri feels sad that Omkara is not with them, Shivaay informs Omkara is coming the next day, Gauri gets  excited. Dadi tells Shivaay and Rudra about the kite flying, Shivaay tries to avoid, but finally gives in. Bhavya doubts if Oberoi brothers know to fly the kites, Rudra refuses and boasts about flying the kites. 
Shivaay gets worried. Dadi tells Rudra and Shivaay to call the entire neighborhood for kite flying competition. Tej comes to meet Veer. Svetlana joins them. They join hands against Shivaay.

They plan to ruin Shivaay from Makar Sankranti. Later, Svetlana warns Veer to hide his feelings towards Anika from Tej, as he Anika is Oberoi family's daughter in law and pride. In the morning, Shivaay gets worried looking at the kite. He blames Rudra. Rudra boasts about his kite flying skill, he fails. Shivaay scolds him. Gauri instructs the staff. As she turns, Omkara returns and kisses on her cheek, both share close moments. Omkara asks Gauri what he can do for her, Gauri tells him to win the kite flying competition. Omkara gets worried. ShivOmRu discuss and get worried about the kite flying competition. 
Men from the neighborhood arrive, Obros get worried. Khanna comes to their help, Anika objects. ShivOmRu make excuses about their kite not flying, the other men tease them. Dadi warns them about Oberoi pride. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya realize that ShivOmRu can't fly the kite and decide to do it themselves. Anika takes the kite and flies with Gauri and Bhavya's help. ShivOmRu feel better. Oberoi Bahus compete with other men, ShivOmRu cheer for them. Oberoi Bahus win the competition, everyone cheers, Dadi praises them. All dance and celebrate. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya have some cute moments. Veer comes and eyes Anika. Everyone gets shocked lookign at something.

Tej apologizes to Shivaay and Anika and asks for a punishment. Tej and Shivaay forgive each other, Omkara stops them from hugging.

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