Jailer scolds the inmates and tells them that Avni has run away from jail again. Monica scolds the inmates for supporting Avni. All inmates start fighting with each other. Jailer tells the guard to shoot Avni if she is seen anywhere. Neela breaks down and tells Bebe that Avni is fighting continuously and is only having troubles in her life. Neela blames herself for Avni’s problems. Neela says that she should not have let Avni go after her revenge. Neela says that she has not given birth to Avni and therefore she has failed as a mother. Bebe tells Neela that she is wrong as she has made Avni a strong woman.

Neil tells Jailer not to try to harm Avni. Jailer asks Neil how come he is on duty as he was off duty. DD says that Neil will have the ultimate orders. Neil says that he wants to meet Ragini immediately. Jailer says that she is following orders and says that Avni has shoot at sight orders. Neil tells DD that Avni is in some big trouble. Jailer thinks that Neil will never be able to find Avni as she has been buried behind wall. Avni is behind wall and thinks that Neil should be safe. Neela prays to God to give Avni’s troubles to her. Vidyut comes there with flowers. All inmates are worried for Avni. Sunehri says that Avni cannot run away from jail. Monica taunts Avni. Neil gives out orders to find Avni but not shoot her. Neil is about to leave the jail but he changes his mind and thinks he has to stay back. Neil asks DD who told him about Neela being in trouble. 
DD says that an inmate had called him. Neil thinks that Avni was hand in glove with an inmate. Neil asks all inmates to gather in the yard. Bebe scolds Vidyut for coming to his house. Vidyut tells Neela that he wants to make her his mother in law. Vidyut talks about marrying Avni. Vidyut says he wants to see Avni as his bride. Neela throws the flowers and ask Vidyut to get lost. Vidyut says that he wants to do Roka and gives money envelop to Neela. Prakash comes there and slaps Vidyut and asks him how he is asking proposal of his daughter in law. Prakash warns Vidyut that he will not spare him. Shweta too tells Vidyut that she is Avni’s mother and will never let him near Avni. Shweta says that the entire family is by Avni’s side. Neela tells Vidyut that if he brings trouble for Avni then he will find her as Avni’s shield. Prakash asks Vidyut to get lost. Vidyut says he will return to take his Avni. 
Neil talks to all inmates and asks who was the one who called him up on Avni’s instructions. Sunehri tries to come forward but jailer signals her to stop. Neil asks Sunehri whether she had called and requests her to tell the truth. Sunehri thinks about how Avni saved her life. Sunehri says that she gave Avni electronic card but Avni refused to run away. Jailer says she is lying. Neil asks jailer why she is not trying to catch Avni. Neil asks DD to get Ragini for inquiry. Balu tells Vidyut that Avni has run away without Ragini. Vidyut asks Balu to get Avni first as she is his weakness. Sunehri tells Neil everything. Neil understands that Avni was last seen near the fence. Neil geos to the fence and sees a piece of Avni’s uniform soaked in blood. Neil realizes Avni is in some big trouble.
Precap: Neil follows the trail of Avni’s blood and enters a cabin. Neil wonders where is Avni.

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