Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita master planning and plotting trapping Simmi in huge conspiracy 
Star plus most awaited TV serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been showcasing Lohri celebration.

Bhallas are enjoying this eve with all happiness joy and grace. 

However this Lohri eve also brings Raman and Ishita close. 

But what comes exciting is worth to be watch as Ishita aka Shanno will finally become Simmi's favorite. 
Shanno stands Simmi against Ishita for secret motive
Shanno is winning Simmi's trust while she malign Ishita in front of Simmi. 

Simmi is all impressed with Shanno while Simmi gets furious when Raman reveals Simmi that he met Ishita. 

Shanno now interrupts Simmi that Ishita has done black magic on Raman. 

Simmi's incensed anger will ever make Simmi vomit her own evil truth? 
Will Ishita be able to make Simmi confess her crimes? 

Let's see what will happen next in the storyline.

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