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Guys, we are living in an era where channels and producers are leaving no stone unturned to make their shows content worthy and I can list the number of shows grabbing viewers on the basis of content only. 
In this full of competitive world,  where on one hand it is difficult to maintain consistency in the TRP charts, here on the other hand one of the most loved show is loosing its charm.
Yes I am talking about "Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai".
This show  was used to be on number-1 and was very consistent, but since last few months it is loosing its viewers.
So today I came up with this article.
These are five points where makers failed to win our hearts...
1. Sidelining of Naksh's character

Yes this was the major loss the makers can do this show.
Naksh, the character which was able to grab the number of viewers after the 12 years leap in the show.
This was one of the most loved character after Naitik and Akshara, but seems like makers now a days forget that there is  Akshara Naitik's son also.
At the time of Akshara death Naksh's pain, his breakdown were never shown.
We still are clueless what exactly happened with him that he wasn't with his family when his mother died.
Naksh who used to be the Jaan of Singhania's and maheshwari's, whom people loved to watch is not much seen. 
2. Sudden change in NAIRA's character

While taking this name, Naira one thing came to my mind is she left her home because she didn't trust her mother, she thought her mother will send her to jail for some reason, so she lived in Rishikesh for almost 8 or 9 years I guess, there at Rishikesh she was shown as the clever, dominating kind of girl but when she returned to her house or I better say when her mother brought her back, she was changed. 
She was more responsible, HOW? This how is still a mystery.
And when she married to Kartik Goenka, she became even more responsible, this much that every problem arises whether in Goenka's or Singhania's they know only one person ie. NAIRA !
Not even aged and experienced person can solve their issue it's only Naira who is mature well enough to solve all the problem, I still don't know how the heck this can be possible.
As I said again, ""NAIRA,, THE MYSTERY CONTINUES...""
3.No bonding shown between Goenka's and Singhania's

Yes, this show which is known popularly for its family values that it teaches.
The relationship between two families, was very beautiful shown between SINGHANIA family and MAHESHWARI family but the very same bonding is missing between Goenka's and Singhania's and makers really need to work on this as now they have two relationship to be shown.
Also sudden  disappearance of Maheshwari is quite disheartening as Akshara's DADI was a treat to watch with her motivational and inspirational words. Maheshwari were the integral part of the show as they were the idea example of Changing with time  though singhania also have changed with time but Maheshwari's were the best as those funny moments between youngsters or we can say among elders too were a blessing to watch.
4.  No new aspects to KARTIK and NAIRA story,

Yes, the makers have immensely failed in showing the shades and flavours to Kartik and Naira story. Nothing more than repeatation of the tracks are going on.
Kartik and Naira fight over some issue,
Then this fight continues, then family gets involved, then sudden heavenly realisation then wedding then romance then dance and then repeat.
Done with these two now.

Yes, some of the tracks were over rated.
Like there was no need to show such tracks,but just to show KARTIK NAIRA mahaan makers have destroyed their characters to an extent that if we skip two or three episodes then the entire show seems different.

With this I just hope to see some good content in this show, as it is the longest running show of Asia people have emotionally attached to this show, makers shouldn't play with their sentiments.

Written by Crazysoul

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