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Well I was just watching the last night episode and was quite irked with the current ongoing track. The family is going to celebrate the festival maha Shivratri, which is really good as viewers really love such celebrations in their favourite show, but it is not necessary to go over the board everytime and show anything like anything. We know there is some misunderstanding going on between Kartik and Naira, but rather than sorting them out, what they are going to do is dressing up like the God and enacting them.
No family celebrates Shivratri like this, all they do is visit a temple and worship, or I can say arrange a Puja at their home but not such skit not on Shivratri atleast.
What irks me more is yrkkh is known for its relatable content that the show has given to its viewers time and again, be it when naira Kartik got married or when keerti naksh got married, everytime we could relate to the ongoings but sadly not this time.
Showing the importance of festival is good but not like this.
Very disappointed with the makers, as this wasn't expected at all.
This show has become one of those Daily soaps which shows anything without logic, and this made me think other way as there is no logic  seen these days.
For instance, yesterday's episode where Naira was arguing with Dadi for the chadawa and wastage, my question is  girl, this thing is contrary to what she had done in earlier episodes. Like- she married Kartik in a palace which was quite a big affair if she is so much of "giving for good" person, then why the heck she didn't refuse it. Or I can say this sudden change in attitude comes only when the same was done by Dadi.?
To be honest, it was such an idiotic thing they can show.
Well I am in no mood to watch this as This is no more relatable not for me.

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