Shivaye and Anika argue over the brush and mirror. She jokes on his hair. He says don’t you dare talk about my hair like that. She says your tadi has come back after coming back to your room, Bagad Billa. He smiles and says we realize the value of loved ones after staying away from them. She says we will never go away from them. He says never. He holds her. Dadi says at least shut the door. Anika makes excuse. Dadi gives a necklace. Shivaye asks what shall I do of this. Dadi says wear it, this is ancestral necklace for my bahu, I couldn’t do anything when Tej took back all the jewelry from her, today I want Anika to get her rights back, I want you to make her wear this necklace. Shivaye makes Anika wear the necklace and earrnings. Ishq hai aansun…plays…. Anika takes Dadi’s blessings and hugs.
Anika says we all will have food together after so much time. Tia bumps into them. She says sorry, I m really happy you both came back, I wanted to meet before going, there is an eye camp happening, I have sent my reports, they are hopeful that I can regain my eye sight. He says that’s great news. Tia says I hope you both stay happy. She thinks stay away from Kalyani mills secret. She says I should leave now, bye.

Shivaye and Anika see the line. Anika says its the same partition line about which Gauri had told me. Shivaye says I was heartbroken hearing about it, I can’t explain what I m feeling seeing this, its my mistake. She says it happened because of your absence. Pinky comes and asks what are you doing that side, if Tej sees you, he will create a scene. Jhanvi says please, don’t blame Tej, you also wanted this division. Pinky says we wanted the division first, now he was going to auction the house, its good my son came back and saved us, else Tej would have gone to jail. Shivaye says I got to know and I m seeing what’s happening here. He goes. He recalls their argument and gets sad.
Dadi comes. Shivaye says don’t know, what went wrong that filled bitterness between them, everyone is living together, but not united, can’t things be normal again, can’t we stay as a family again. Dadi says Billu, you are the foundation of this family, you have the entire responsibility, you have to be strong, if you break down, this house will shatter, I know you are very brave, you can face every problem, but sometimes person has courage and strength, but he has to understand which path will lead to the right destination, when you don’t understand anything, this Ramcharitramanas will show you the right path, you still have to go through the tests of relations, you have to become Maryada Purushottam, this book will support you. Shivaye takes the book and touches her feet. Dadi blesses him. Shivaye goes to Omru. Dhinka chika…..plays…. He says this line….Om nods. They wipe the line. Shakti says no Shivaye, this line is engraved in our hearts, its not going to wipe off easily. Shivaye says this house is like Dadi’s heart, you can’t break it. Jhanvi asks Omru to ask Tej once, he may feel bad. Om asks did he ask us, we are doing the right time, he has broken the house, we are joining it, he did his duty and we are doing out duty. Rudra says Shivaye is back, the family has to be together. Dadi says your children are teaching what you should have taught them, thank God they went on their Dada ji, not you all. Shivaye hugs Omru. A man comes and says you had ordered the sample of wedding card. Gauri says wow, Rudra’s wedding card. Rudra checks. Everyone smiles.
Rudra says there is a mistake here, this invitation will be on behalf of my brother, replace my father’s name with Shivaye’s name. The man asks him to decide and inform. He goes. Jhanvi asks did you go mad, you want to have brother’s name written instead father’s name. Rudra asks why, if brother is fulfilling all the duties of a father, how does this matter. She asks what about your father, who got you in this world. Rudra says just giving birth doesn’t make anyone a father, responsibilities start after birth, you need to give good values to children, there are many things, dad didn’t do anything. Shivaye did it for me, my brother is like my dad, so Shivaye’s name will come instead dad’s name. Tej comes and says Shivaye’s greatness stories didn’t end, truth won’t change, I will always be your dad. Om says bond of heart is bigger than that of blood, we have this relation with Shivaye. He argues with Tej and Jhanvi. Om says we would have been on road right now, Tej is standing here because of Shivaye, else he would have been in jail. Dadi says Tej, this house was your dad’s dream, you have auctioned it. Tej says I had nothing to do with the auction. Om says you are lying, we all have seen your sign on auction papers. Tej says but I didn’t sign, don’t know how it happened.
Dadi asks him to accept his mistake, who knows it then, did he sign in inebriated state that he doesn’t remember it. Shivaye thinks maybe Tej is saying right, its possible that someone cheated him and made him sign, he may hate me, but he can’t put Omru’s future at risk, Oberoi mansion is his pride, I m sure someone used him. Rudra says Shivaye’s name will be printed on this card. Tej says forget it, invitation will go by my name. Rudra says then this won’t go. Shivaye says it will go on behalf of the person who has the right to send it, on behalf of Tej, forget what he did, what are you doing Rudra, if I don’t have any issues with Tej, why do you have issues. Om says you are our brother. Shivaye says he is our dad, invitation will go by his name, that’s final. Tej says congrats Shivaye, you got another chance to become great, because of my useless sons. Shivaye thinks if Tej is saying he doesn’t remember signing papers, is Veer behind this.
Shivaye and Anika are on the way. He asks someone to find info about Veer. Anika asks did they find anything. He says nothing, we don’t know where he is. Anika says he must be crying at his defeat. Shivaye says no, he must be planning his next attack. Anika sees Veer near the garage and says Veer. He says yes, I m talking about him. She says Veer is there. He stops the car and sees Veer. Shivaye recalls Veer’s bad doings. He gets angry. Anika asks what are you upto, you can’t do this. Shivaye drives close to Veer. Anika asks him to stop the car. Veer turns and gets hit by Shivaye’s car. He falls over the car. Shivaye asks are you fine…. Veer……. you are in Mumbai, that’s great, so sorry, are you fine. Anika asks Veer are you fine. Veer is unable to get up. Shivaye says sorry, I will make sure you get the best treatment. Doctor checks Veer and asks them to take care of Veer, they will know about the fracture after removing the plaster. Shivaye says don’t worry, we have brought him home to take good care of him, we will keep an eye on him. Doctor goes. Veer thanks Shivaye.
Shivaye says you will stay here till I get fine, if you want, I can call Monali and Shweta here. Veer says they went to Monali’s mum, if you tell them about my accident, they will worry, I don’t want to trouble them. Shivaye says yes, you don’t trouble anyone, you are such a gentleman. Veer says thanks, but you both are troubled. Shivaye says we are repaying for your favors. Veer says you are a good friend. Shivaye says you won’t forget this friendship ever. Shivaye and Anika leave. She asks why are you doing this, you bumped your car and tried to kill him, then you got him here and got treated. He says I didn’t try to kill him, I did it to bring him here, what can be a better way to take revenge from an enemy, just bring him to home in a condition that he can’t even walk. Veer says if you think, you can stop Veer from these minor injuries, you are mistaken, after getting trained in martial arts for years, I know how to heal such injuries. He rests his legs and twists, bearing some pain, he stands on his feet. He then lifts his leg, getting back on his feet and winking.

Veer says people invite Ram home, but you invited Raavan. Shivaye says I know he is a Raavan, because this time Raavan will defeat in Ayodhya, not Lanka.

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