Shivaye says Veer will be in front of our eyes, I feel someone is helping him, he can’t do this alone, money transfer from my account without my phone and passwords is not possible, I m sure someone is helping him. She asks who can it be. He says we will know it, Veer will need that person’s help, his plan is delayed, he will surely make a mistake. She says amazing, when it comes to making plans, your surpass the clever Saas of tv shows, sorry but you brought Veer home, he didn’t even doubt on us. Veer practices Tai chi. He says I wanted to come in this house, you made my work easy, people invite Ram home, but you got Raavan home. Shivaye says I know he is Raavan, there is no place for him in our house, still I got him here, because this time, Raavan will lose in Ayodhya, not Lanka.
Shivaye asks Om to pass the sauce. Rudra asks what are you making. Shivaye says pesto pasta. Rudra says hey, they rhymed, this calls for an Obro hug. He hugs them and says I missed this moment, this feeling of three of us in this kitchen. Om says moment has passed. Shivaye says it was emotional and now its awkward. Rudra asks what gift are you going to give to Anika. Shivaye asks why. Om says its valentines’ day, I know its a special day, there is a meteor shower tomorrow, its said that it occurs once in 100 years, if we spend the day with our life partner, we will get the same person as our partner for all births. Rudra says how poetic, if I was a poet, I would have said…. Soumya looks on. Om starts shayari….Rudra says amazing and claps. Shivaye says stop saying it. Soumya says I can’t do this, these three brothers are here. Veer says stop it, just do what I said. Rudra says I m thinking to give golden handcuffs to Bhavya, guys I didn’t mean that, don’t give me that look. Om says I m thinking to gift something unique to Gauri, how about a paint. They say no. Rudra says spend some money on wife. Om says intention matters, not the price. Soumya thinks how to steal a knife. Shivaye takes it. She asks what are you preparing. He says pesto pasta. Om asks her to suggest what should Shivaye gift Anika. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come. Anika asks are you going to give me a gift.
Rudra says because its valentines day. Shivaye asks am I a teenager to celebrate valentines day. Anika asks won’t you give me anything. 
Shivaye says no, I m more evolved, I don’t believe in these days. She says you are a miser. Soumya takes the knife and goes. Anika says I can buy a gift for myself. She stumbles. Soumya hides. Anika fixes her sandal. She says I m fed up of you, you are fine now. She goes. Soumya comes to Veer and says you just sit here and order around. Veer says relax, I knew you will get this. She asks why do you need this. He says I will tell you. He cuts the bandages. She asks what are you doing. Shivaye says Anika got upset and left. Rudra asks why do you do this. Om says you won’t understand, this is their way to show love. Shivaye asks Gauri to keep an eye on Om, he is talking about love a lot.

Soumya asks your fracture Veer says its fine, no one can stop me from getting what I want. She says then your reason to stay here will end. He says you are too cute, only the two of us know this, no one else will know, I will stay here and make Shivaye’s destruction plan, its valentines day tomorrow, Oberois will be busy, we will execute our plan, I will make you meet the biggest enemy of Oberois. She asks is he ready to meet us. He says yes, this will be our biggest attack. Shivaye passes in corridor and stops. Veer says Shivaye and Anika don’t know, a big storm is going to hit them. Shivaye says whom is Veer talking to. He enters the room and says Soumya you… She says I was passing by, I heard him coughing so came to give him water. Shivaye asks Veer to tell him if he needs any help. He says as a host, its my responsibility to fulfill your every need. Veer says ofcourse, if I have to trouble you for my need, I will do. Shivaye says Soumya we will let Veer rest. They leave.
Shivaye comes to room and asks Anika what are you doing. She says I m keeping clothes. He says you are throwing them. She asks why do you care, I will do what I feel like. They argue. He says valentines is for teenagers, not for married and mature people like us. She says you mean we have turned old, your hair got grey. He says your eyes got wrong, listen to me, we don’t need a particular day to express love, greeting card company made this special day to loot people, the world is mad, but we are not mad. She says you mean everyone is mad, and you are smart, I don’t want to talk to you. He says if you think I will get that bear and… for you, I m not doing this. She says like on Karwa chauth day, you said you won’t keep the fast and kept it, you are doing the same, I know you are planning something big. He says don’t dream, else it will hurt, I m not going to do anything. She goes. He says I will do, she knows me so well. Its morning, everyone wishes happy valentines day. Pinky says Shakti didn’t remember it.

Shakti says even you could have wished me. She asks for gift. He says well…. okay, wish you a very happy valentines day. He gives her a paratha. They all smile. Shakti says don’t gift parathas like me. Anika says we will be getting good gifts. Shivaye says I don’t believe in this, lets have breakfast, come sit. Shakti says we have to go to temple. Rudra asks why. Shakti says the first wedding invitation is to given to Lord. Shivaye says I will go and give breakfast to Veer. Anika says someone else will take it. Shivaye says I have to give medicines too, I have to recover him. She says if all of us leave, Veer…. He says Veer will be alone, I m giving medicines so that he sleeps, I will come back and keep an eye on him, no one should know his truth, I don’t want them to worry.
Veer thanks Shivaye. Shivaye gives medicines to him. Veer says I m feeling sleepy, don’t know why. Shivaye says get some rest. He goes. ShivOmru are on the way. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya are in another car. Anika asks what did they have to talk. Gauri says maybe they have to plan for evening, gift… Anika says maybe, where is my phone, you both carry on, I will get my phone. Bhavya says we will come along. Anika says no, Dadi asked us to reach on mahurat, you go, I will come. Anika gets down the car. Shivaye thinks to go home by some excuse, its not good to leave Veer alone at home. Anika looks for her phone. She hears Veer. Veer talks to someone on phone. He says I m alone at home, I pretended to fall asleep in front of Shivaye, that fool believes me and got convinced, I m just leaving, see you soon, its imp that we meet, we have to unite for Shivaye’s destruction. Anika gets shocked and thinks he is fine, it means he is fooling us, I will have to inform Shivaye. She moves back. Her phone drops and breaks. Veer turns to see. She hides. He says who can it be, everyone went to temple. He leaves. She says I have to find out where he is going and whom is he going to meet, I have to inform Shivaye.
She hires and auto and follows Veer. She says this phone is broken, how will I call Shivaye. She asks driver if he has a phone. He says no. She says fine, follow that car. Anika goes after Veer. Soumya asks Veer where is the person whom we came to meet. Veer says I don’t like people who question a lot, control your anxiety. She asks who’s this person and what’s his enmity. He says this person is biggest enemy of Oberois. Anika comes. Veer says its an Oberoi, who hates Oberoi family, Shivaye doesn’t know this. Anika thinks who can it be. Veer says the insider will destroy Ayodhya, Shivaye is proud to be an Oberoi, he will learn a lesson when an Oberoi ruins him. Anika thinks who is that Oberoi who wants to ruin Shivaye. Someone comes there and ticks the clock near Anika. Anika screams. Veer turns and smiles seeing Anika.

Shivaye asks where is Anika. Gauri says she went to get her phone. Shivaye calls Anika. He says what happened to Anika.

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