Pinky hugs Shivaye and Anika. She says Shakti, our children came back home. Shivaye and Anika take Jhanvi’s blessings. He says sorry, when Om called me, I couldn’t stop myself. Jhanvi hugs them. ShivOmru, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya place the idols back. They all pray. Dadi says this house’s Ram and Sita came back, the happiness will also return. The man says he has raised a hand on a govt employee. Rudra says be thankful that he only raised his hand, he didn’t kill you. The man says your arrogance will end soon, you will lose it when this house is auctioned. Shivaye says Oberoi mansion was ours, it is, and will always be ours. The man says Oberoi mansion will surely be auctioned, no one can stop it. 
Shivaye says what if I bid for my own house. The man says its a good idea, but not possible,  this document is of registration, it doesn’t have your name in bidders. Shivaye says I know, read the first name. The man reads Shivomru constructions. Soumya thinks oh no, Shivaye changed the game, I think Veer’s plan got flopped. Shivaye says Shivomru constructions, remember one thing, till Shivaye is alive, no one can harm his family, you can auction the house, but Oberoi mansion will be ours, because…. They all say that Oberois never lose and never give up.
Veer says all the best Shivaye, today is going to be the worst day of your life, you will not just lose your house, but also everything, your family, brothers and my beloved Anika too. Om says how will you arrange so much money. Shivaye says where there is a will, there is a way, I will not lose this auction, take care of Dadi, I will come. Om asks you sure. Shivaye says yes. Omru leave. Anika comes and says I know that you never lose, but I m scared, how will you win, its about big amount, we have nothing, how will you make this possible. He asks do you believe me, trust me, Oberoi’s reputation won’t be spoiled, I have signed a business deal, the money will be transferred to my account, I m just waiting for that. The man announces and asks bidders to get seated. 
Shivaye says the game started, just we will win. Media covers the auction. The man gets Veer’s call and says we reached the auction. Veer says good job, just do as I say. The man says I heard Shivaye is also taking part in this auction. Veer says I knew it, Ram ji will come to save his Ayodhya, Shivaye forgot this is Kalyug, just Raavan wins here, he needs money, but he has no money, he won’t be able to buy even a spoon, I want to snatch everything from him.
The official says bidding will start in two mins. Soumya says poor Shivaye, he has fought all life for this house and respect, it will be auctioned in front of him. The man says first thing is special, a kitchen doesn’t look good without a stove, its minimum price is 5000rs. A man bids for 5 lakh. Anika asks 5 lakhs for a stove? The man says its stove of Oberoi family. Shivaye says even if someone is foolish, he won’t pay 5 lakhs for a stove, I m sure he is from Veer’s side, why is money transfer taking so long. The official sells off the stove. ShivOmru think of their kitchen moments and cry. The official jokes on Oberois. He shows the next thing, the costly bike. Shivaye sees Rudra. The official says Oberois travel in car, I think they took the bike as a hobby, they will have to travel in buses now. Soumya smiles. Rudra recalls his bike. The official says its minimum price is 7 lakhs, bid now. The man says 70 lakhs.
Shivaye thinks I have to save Rudy’s bike, come on, why is the money not transferred. The official seals the bike’s bidding for 70 lakhs. Dadi cries. Tiwari says Shivaye didn’t start his accounts yet. Official says maybe he is waiting for shubh mahurat, next thing is this unique painting. Om and Gauri get shocked seeing the painting. Official says its min price is 30 lakhs. Om says this is my fav painting, you are the inspiration for it, the artist within me had given you, you have revived me, forgive me, I can’t save it. Gauri hugs him. Shivaye asks Khanna why is it getting delayed.

Khanna says they are saying money is getting transferred. Shivaye asks but when, do something, hurry up. The painting gets sold for 50 lakhs. Tia looks on. Gauri asks Om not to get sad, they don’t need anything to prove their love, they are together, that’s enough. The official shows the golden cradle, bidding starts with 15 lakhs. Dadi says this is our ancestral cradle, all children have slept in this cradle, I had thought that my grandsons’ children will sleep in it. The men bid for it. Official sells it for 20 lakhs. Shivaye cries. Anika looks at him. Official says so Mr. Shivaye…. Anika stops Shivaye. Official says next thing is this costly jewelry sets, its for 90 lakhs. Shivaye thinks why are they taking so long to transfer money. Jewelry gets sold. Shivaye says sorry Anika. She asks why are you sorry, its not your fault, I m not fond of jewelry, you are my real jewel, you are with me, I m very happy. Shivaye checks his phone. Official says we will take a ten mins break now. Pinky asks Shivaye why isn’t he doing anything. Anika says I know its not easy for you, don’t worry, we all are with you.
Shivaye looks on. Omru angrily walk past Shivaye. They all get shocked and turn to see Tej. Omru stop Tej. Jhanvi shouts Om… She goes to Tej and says thank God you have come back, where were you, Omru said you were not with them. Soumya thinks Tej doesn’t remember how he came here. FB shows Veer dumping Tej on the road and leaving. Tej asks what’s happening here, why is this crowd here. He sees Shivaye and says you here, how did you come back, where did your pride, self respect disappear, Bharat and Laxman came back with Ram, what happened, you had gone with your brother, your fatherly figure, you wanted to settle there, you got your brother here, before talking big, you should have told can you live without the luxuries and comforts of Oberoi mansion, this goes for you too…..

Om shouts enough…Shivaye didn’t leave this house on his own, and he didn’t come back on his own, he is helpless to come back. Tej asks what is it. Om says stop your drama, like you don’t know anything. Rudra says whatever is happening here is because of you, why did you sign papers. Tej asks what are you talking about. Om says you know it. Rudra says those documents by which this Oberoi mansion is getting auctioned. Tej gets shocked. Rudra says we didn’t return with you, you auctioned this house, you didn’t think for us and Dadi. Dadi says when does Tej think, I have always forgiven you Tej, this was my biggest mistake. Tej says but Maa, I didn’t… Dadi slaps him. Everyone looks on.
Veer says you will be facing your destruction. The official is about to sell the house for 150 crores. Shivaye shouts 500 crores….. Everyone gets shocked.

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