Anika tells Shivaay that Veer is fine and he is fooling them. She says that Veer has joined with someone to kill him. Anika says he wanted to kill her too but she escaped. Anika walks towards Shivaay. On Valentine's day, an intoxicated Shivaay murders Anika. Veer comes there and tells that now Shivaay and Anika's Ishqbaaz has come to end. He says that he made him kill her. Flashback is show when Shivaay shouts for Anika's help while Veer adds the medicine in the water. Shivaay finds it and he drinks it. Veer gives him the gun and asks him to shoot Anika. 
Later, Veer makes him conscious and asks him why did he kill Anika. Shivaay is baffled and he asks Veer what is he doing here. Veer tells he killed Anika. Shivaay is shocked. Veer tells him that Anika has left him alone. Shivaay says he made a mistake and says he is the culprit. Shivaay says he will die without her and he goes to tell everyone about it. Veer says only he knows that he killed Anika. Veer says they will have to dispose Anika's body. Shivaay burries Anika while, Veer goes to attend a call. Veer takes Shivaay along with him. Veer brings Shivaay home. Everyone ask Shivaay about Anika while Veer says that Anika is missing. Shivaay lies on Veer's saying. 

Veer asks them to call the press conference along with the police. Later, the media assembles in his house to inquire about Anika's whereabouts. Shivaay cooks up the same story emotionally. Meanwhile, Veer sends the video to the media. The media reveals that Shivaay murdered his wife. Everyone is shocked to know this.

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