The Episode starts with Rishi telling AK that the real reason for custody case is Tanuja and he will win the case and take both Natasha and Tanuja home. He says Tanuja is my wife and will always be my wife, and Natasha will always be my daughter. He says AK don’t exist for me and says he has taken care of you when I was not there, and asks her to just thank him and not marry him. He asks do you love him. Tanuja says I don’t love him, but respect and truth him which I never got from you. AK asks Rishi why do he come there to get insulted again and again. Natasha comes there and asks Manpreet to come inside. She asks Tanuja to make noodles for Manpreet and takes him to room. AK stops Rishi from going to kitchen, but Rishi asks if he wants signs. 
Rishi goes to kitchen and says I heard AK fired you from  job. Tanuja says AK wanted me to choose between you both. Rishi asks if AK knows that she loves him. Tanuja asks him to sign on papers and leave. Rishi says I will never sign as I love you always.
AK looks sad as Natasha talks to Manpreet. Manpreet taught her tongue twister. Rishi comes there and asks Manpreet to come. AK asks did you sign the papers. Rishi ignores him and leaves.

AK asks Tanuja if he signed on the papers. Tanuja says he will not sign on the papers. AK asks don’t you want it. Tanuja says she will get his signatures. Rishi asks Manpreet to take him to hotel and says Tanuja will come and meet him. AK understands his plan. Rishi picks the call and says who is this? AK says you knows and asks where is he? Rishi tells him restaurant name. AK asks Tanuja to go there. Rishi says Ravan will send my sita. Tanuja looks on. Manpreet asks Rishi why did he cut Tanuja’s call and picked AK’s call. Rishi says Tanuja don’t want divorce and AK is forcing her. Tanuja thinks AK is right and she is doing right. 
AK thinks if Tanuja melted down seeing Rishi then many lives will be ruined.
Manpreet goes to other table seeing Tanuja coming. Tere bina plays…Rishi says he has been waiting for long. Tanuja asks how do you know? Rishi says his heart knows and says divorce papers will get rejected. He promises that he won’t let her relation break. Tanuja says she came to get his sign. Rishi says he has a condition. He asks her to have icecream with him. Tanuja takes the papers and gets tears in her eyes. Rishi asks if this divorce is happening with her wish or helplessness. Tanuja says it doesn’t matter. Rishi says we are perfect couple and says that’s why I love you. Tanuja asks why? AK comes there. Rishi says you wants to know even now and says he will come. He gets up and comes to AK, says hi.
Rishi asks Tanuja what did she say to Manpreet. Tanuja says she said that they are husband and wife.

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