The Episode starts with Maasi telling Tanuja that she has two children, AK and Myra. She asks her not to break AK’s heart. Tanuja comes and asks AK what he would like to have. AK calls his new caretaker and asks her to make breakfast for him. Tanuja questions his decision. AK says he wants her to take rest and decide about her decision. Tanuja says I don’t like this. AK says I don’t like when you and Rishi had a hug outside police station. Tanuja says I called you first, but you didn’t pick my call. She asks since when you have become like this. AK says since I am in love and tells Tanuja that he can’t see her love for Rishi. Tanuja says she loves Rishi and her love can never end even after her death. She says if Netra and Tania were not in his life then I would have gone back. AK asks her to go to Rishi and asks her to ruins many lives. Maasi scolds AK for pressurizing Tanuja to take decision in his favour. AK says if I had trust Rishi then I would have asked Tanuja to go to him, and says I know that Tanuja is mad about Rishi, but we don’t know how his mother Rano will behave with my Princess Natasha as she dislikes Tanuja. He tells that if Tanuja leave him then Rishi will not let them meet Tanuja or Natasha.
Maasi says if tanuja don’t choose between both of you. AK says she has to choose, as the matter is about Natasha, why she will live life alone when she has a father, ie me. He says if Tanuja decides to stay with him then he will apply for divorce in the fast track court. He gives papers to Myra and asks her to keep safe. Tanuja hears him and takes the papers. She tells that she was helpless before when she had signed on the papers, but now she has to take a decision. There is a pain in both situations. AK says you have signed, but Rishi will not sign. He asks her to make him sign. Rishi comes to AK’s house. Tanuja says I can’t ask him to sign and asks AK to get his sign. She is about to go, when Rishi comes there and asks what is the matter? Myra asks Rishi to talk to Tanuja. Rishi takes papers in his hand and looks shocked.
Maasi tells AK that she thought Tanuja is doing right, but when Rishi comes infront of her, she gets sad. AK says it is love which makes the person helpless. Rishi says he was happy when their divorce was not happened. Natasha comes there calling Papa, and tells that she is hurt. Tanuja asks her to show her leg. Rishi asks what happened? Natasha says you aren’t my papa and runs to AK. Tanuja recalls AK’s emotional words that he is Natasha’s Papa.

Tanuja questions Rishi when I was not in your house, why Netra was in your house. Rishi says for Tania as she needed a mother. Natasha says just like Tania needed a mother, Natasha needs her father who is AK. She says they shall accept the situation and move on in life. She says AK is a good man and a good father. She asks if you are getting angry. Rishi says it is not your words, but AK and society brainwashed you. AK comes there and says you are trying to manipulate Tanuja. Rishi says he wants to win the custody case as he knows if he wins the case then he will get Tanuja also with Natasha.
Tanuja tells Rishi that something is breaking as she is feeling pain to sign on the papers. Rishi asks if she is doing this with her wish.

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