The Episode starts with Disha running to Purab and tries to wake him up. Sangram laughs and thinks he is dead. He comes out of tempo and asks Disha to come with him, as she is destined to be his wife. He is taking her forcibly, when Purab gains consciousness and asks him to leave his wife. Disha runs to Purab. Sangram kicks him badly. Disha shouts asking him to stop. Sangram is taking her forcibly. Disha picks a rod and beats Sangram and his goons. She runs to Purab and asks him to get up. Sangram asks Balli to bring Disha. The people standing on road stop them and say that they will break their bones and says that girl is not alone. Disha asks Purab to get up and says nothing will happen to you, we have to go to hospital. Purab asks Disha to go and says I can’t get up. Disha says she can’t  leave me.
Sangram says I will beat you all. People says they will make them have amchi Mumbai wada paw. Sangram aims gun at the crowd. They get scared and moves back. Disha thinks to take Purab fast from there. Sangram shoots in air. The people run from there. Sangram laughs and asks his men to search Disha. Abhi and Pragya call Purab. A man picks the phone from road and says he got phone on road. Pragya asks him to give phone to Purab. Man says there is nobody here and asks her to give his address and he will return his phone to him. Pragya gets worried for him. Abhi asks her not to worry. Disha is taking Purab. Sangram searches for Disha and asks his men to search her. He says he will marry Disha anyhow.
Purab tells Disha that he can’t walk more. Disha says we have to go till car. She asks him to bend seeing Sangram’s goon in their car. She sees a car door open and have keys also. She thinks to take him in that car. Driver of the car buys pan from the shop. Disha thinks if I take help from him, then Sangram will get alert. Purb asks Disha to go and call Police, and says he is in extreme pain. Disha says I will take you to hospital and makes him sit in car. She then sits in the car and feels bad to steal the car. She drives the car. The driver shouts that someone has stolen his car. Sangram comes infront of car and aims gun at her car asking her to come out else he will drag her out like Draupadi. He says it seems you will not agree and says I will kill Purab. Disha thinks lets see who has the strong aim. She drives the car hitting him. Sangram jumps and asks Bali to catch her.
Sangram catches gets someone’s bike and follows Disha. He and his goons follow her on bikes. Disha prays to God and asks him to rescue Purab.

Disha reaches hospital and calls Abhi, asks him to come there as Purab met with an accident. Abhi is shocked.

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