The Episode starts with Disha managing to bring Purab to hospital and admits him. Nurse says it is a police station. Disha asks her to admit him first. Disha calls Abhi and asks him to come fast. He asks where is your phone. Disha says it fell down somewhere and asks him to come to hospital, and tells that Purab is in hospital. She tells Sangram hitting Purab with truck and injuring him. Abhi is shocked and thinks to go to hospital without informing Pragya. Goons ask Sangram to apply ointment. Sangram says I will not die if I don’t apply it. Goon says don’t know where Disha went? Sangram says Disha will marry him only and he will kill Purab today itself. Abhi comes to hospital. Disha hugs him and cries. Doctor comes and says he has treated Purab and he is fine now. He asks Disha not to cry infront  of Purab. Abhi teases Purab. Purab says Disha saved him today. Abhi says lets go and bring soup for him.
Disha blames herself. Abhi says you gave new life to him and asks her not to cry. She gets Sangram’s call and he tells her that he will not leave her and Purab. Abhi takes the call and promises to bury him alive if he comes infront of him. Sangram says I will not leave you. Abhi says he got his wanted posters posted in the city and asks him to hide, and says but you will be caught. Sangram warns him and ends the call. Balli comes to Sangram and says we can’t go anywhere. He says Police is searching you and posted your wanted poster. Abhi and Disha bring Purab home. Dadi asks Disha to take care of him. Abhi teases Dadi. Dasi says we shall go from here before he makes us bone in kabab. They leave.

Abhi tells them that he can’t hide anything from Pragya about Purab’s accident. Pragya comes there and asks Purab about accident. Purab says it is minor accident. Pragya asks why didn’t you tell me. Disha says she told Abhi. Abhi says I didn’t do accident. 
Pragya asks him not to joke. Abhi says you went to temple and asks about the Prasad. Pragya asks him to tell and not to joke. He says he didn’t tell as the accident was minor. Purab says I am fine. Pragya says you people are hiding from me and emotionally blackmails them. Abhi says Sangram did this with him. He says we have hidden this from everyone as we don’t want to make others worried.

Pragya asks Disha if he is fine now. Disha says he is fine and tells that she is scared of his life. She says she couldn’t stop his accident. Pragya says you have saved him, we were not there. Disha says you felt bad when we hid truth about his accident and asks how Abhi might be feeling when she hides her identity from him, and asks her to tell him that she is his pragya, and says he loves you and wants to make you fuggi. She asks her to tell him that she is his fuggi.
Abhi asks Pragya if she liked valentine gift and hopes to get one from her. Pragya talks about saraswati ji fulfilling the wish.

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