The Episode starts with Pragya stopping Disha from going to kitchen and asks her to talk to Purab, says she is making food for Abhi today. Abhi and Purab are in the meeting with Mr. Sethi. He tells about the album and says Alka will tell you about it. Abhi asks Alka Yagnik. They say no. Alka tells about the situations in which the song which will be sung. Abhi reminisces Pragya. Alka shows video. Abhi imagines dancing with Pragya and tells Mr. Sethi that he is missing his valentine and needs to go. Simonika takes room freshener from Tanu’s room.
Tanu catches her and asks what is she hiding and says her necklace is missing since 3 days. Simonika shows room freshener and tells that this is your necklace. She says bad smell from your loo is coming and spoiled the air. Tanu gets angry. Simonika comes to kitchen and sprays the room freshener in kitchen so that Pragya don’t get smell of gas.

Pragya comes to kitchen. Simonika thinks light the gas and die fast. Abhi comes to shop and asks to show clothes for Pragya. He does poetry. A woman comes and introduces herself as Dolly, she reminds him that she is from NGO. Abhi says she is from NGO. Dolly asks if he is buying for Pragya and says he shall be thankful to them for bringing back. Abhi asks if he shall gift her saree. Dolly calls him naughty kid. Purab tells Abhi that he will buy something for Disha. Abhi asks him to tell her that it was his idea. Sales persons show him saree. Abhi buys it.
Pragya searches for the lighter. Simonika gets worried Pragya’s phone rings. Purab is on call. Pragya tells him that she is waiting for Abhi and will clear his complaints, ask purab not to let him enter kitchen. Pragya searches for lighter again. Simonika is hopeful.

Simonika waits for Pragya to light the gas lighter

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