Shweta and Bebe get Avni and Neil’s room swept. The two of them ask Avni what was special about the last night. Avni gets shy. Vidyut calls up Avni and tells her to come and meet him one last time. Avni agrees to meet him and thinks that he will go to jail today. Balu calls up Neil and tell him that he is ready to give all evidence against Vidyut as Vidyut wants to kill him. Neil calls out to Avni and tells her that they will get evidence against Vidyut soon. Avni reaches Vidyut’s house and Vidyut tells her that he will show her a play where she will know how Neela died. Play begins and some people wearing masks come on stage. Play shows that Prakash has shot Neela. 
Avni gets shocked. Avni tells Vidyut that all this is a lie. Vidyut tries to convince her that Prakash has killed Neela.

Avni says that Neil will come soon and get him sent to jail.  Vidyut show Avni the footage where he had made Prakash under his control with an injection and then Prakash shot Neela. Avni is shattered seeing the footage. Vidyut says that he wanted to get Neil out of the way but Neela came in the way and ruined the plan. Vidyut says that he is ready to confess to the police that he has killed Neela by giving Prakash a drug. Vidyut warns that Prakash will go to jail. Vidyut takes Avni to a room decorated and begs Avni to marry him. Vidyut warns that he will ruin Neil’s family if she does not agree. Vidyut tells Avni that they are alike as they have only faced suffering since childhood. Vidyut warns that Prakash will be sent to jail and Neil will cry till death. 
Vidyut warns Avni that she will lose everything if she does not accept his proposal. Avni leaves without saying anything and Vidyut thinks that Avni will return to him. Avni thinks about everything as she runs and falls and gets hurt. Avni sees injured young Avni. Avni reaches home and everyone is waiting for her. Everyone gets worried seeing Avni’s wounds. Shweta says that Neil too has gone away somewhere. Prakash cleans Avni’s wounds. Avni is about to tell Prakash about Neela’s death. Shweta consoles Avni. Avni cries and goes away. Vidyut is dressed as a groom and sees honeymoon places. Vidyut waits for Balu and calls him up. Balu does not take Vidyut’s call. Avni thinks how to prove Prakash’s innocence. 
Precap: Commissioner comes to Neil’s house and arrests Prakash for Neela’s murder. Neil gets angry. Prakash shoots himself.

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