Neil informs DD on phone that that he is waiting for Balu and Balu will soon come on their side which will help them to destroy Vidyut. Balu comes there wearing a burkha but leaves without meeting Neil. Neil thinks that Balu was trying to trap him. Balu begs forgiveness from Vidyut. Vidyut tells Balu that he will have to punish him. Neil returns home and Avni is worried for him. Neil informs Avni that Balu wanted to give evidence against Vidyut but he did not come. Neil asks Avni not to worry as they have the video proof of Vidyut buying the gun. Neil hugs Avni but Avni is still very worried. Avni calls Vidyut and tells him that she will prove Prakash’s innocence. Commissioner comes to Neil’s house and arrests Prakash for killing Neela. Neil gets shocked. Shweta asks commissioner not to arrest Prakash as he has no motive. 
Prakash also resists being arrested. Neil stops commissioner from arresting his father and commissioner says he has proof. Commissioner shows the video of Prakash shooting Neela.
Bebe and Shweta are unable to believe this. Neil is shattered knowing the Prakash has killed Neela. Prakash says that he has snatched Neela from Avni. Prakash says he cannot forgive himself and shoots himself. Avni realizes that she was just dreaming and gets scared. Avni is in Neil’s arms and Neil tells her that everything will be alright. (Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo song plays). Avni cries. Vidyut gets his room decorated for his wedding night with Avni. Pandit tells Vidyut to get the wedding done soon as mahurat is getting over. Avni calls Vidyut and tell her that he cannot force her. Vidyut tells her that wedding mandap is ready and she should be here in one hour. 
Vidyut tells Avni that Bebe is lighting candles for Neela. Avni rushes to living room and sees that everything that Vidyut is saying is happening in her house. Vidyut warns that Neil can be killed. Avni rushes out and asks Neil if she is alright. Neil asks Avni if anything is bothering her and Avni lies that she is fine. Vidyut calls Avni again and tells her that he can get anyone killed at any time. Vidyut tells her that has sent her wedding clothes and she has one hour to get dressed and come to him. Avni remembers Dayawanti’s words that she is a bad omen as she sees her fingerprints on the wall. Avni gets scared thinking of Vidyut’s warnings. Avni is in a dilemma about what to do. Young Avni comes to Avni and Avni tells her that Vidyut will destroy everything. 
Young Avni tells her that it is time to take the difficult decision. Young Avni says that they don’t have happiness in their destiny and therefore they will have to leave their loved ones. Avni says that is she married Vidyut then the family will be shattered.  On the other hand, Prakash will also be broken knowing that he has killed Neela. Avni says that Neil will not be able to arrest his father. Young Avni says that there is only one way but it is difficult.
Precap: Young Avni tells Avni that she will have to leave the city and run away to save Neil and his family. Avni says that’s he is ready.

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