Neil says he will stop Avni from doing anything wrong. Vidyut asks Avni the reason for her mangalsutra and Sindoor. Avni gives a gun to Vidyut and asks him to kill her. Vidyut asks Avni why is she ruining everything. Vidyut says that he loves her and cannot kill her. Avni tells Vidyut that she will never marry him till she is alive. Avni says that she loves only Neil. Avni tells Vidyut that he does not love her and wants to marry her just to defeat Neil.  Avni tells Vidyut that he cannot love anyone as he trapped his own mother. Vidyut pushes Avni and she falls along with the fire and fire starts spreading everywhere. Vidyut tries to save Avni but Avni is badly trapped in the fire.
Vidyut goes out and Neil comes there and Vidyut falls to Neil’s feet and begs him to save Avni. Vidyut keeps screaming to save Avni. Neil tries to enter the house to look for Avni but DD comes there and stops him. Neil imagines Avni getting burnt and screaming for help. Neil enters the burning house and screams for Avni. Vidyut says that Avni cannot go away from him. Neil imagines Avni calling him. Neil gets hurt by a pillar and falls unconscious. DD comes to save Neil. Neil is taken away on a stretcher. Ali and Shweta are trying to call Avni and Neil but cannot get through. Bebe gets very worried. Bebe tells Neela’s picture to save Neil and Avni. Ali gets DD’s call and gets shocked. 
DD tells Shweta that Avni and Mishti got trapped in the fire in Vidyut’s house. Neil is getting treated but he gets up and enters the house once again looking for Avni. Neil finds Avni’s mangalsutra. Firefighter tells Neil that he has found the burnt bodies of a woman and a child. Neil comes to the bodies and finds Avni’s locket. Neil takes off the cloth from the dead body’s face and says that this is not Avni. Neil comes out of the house and says that the dead bodies are not of Mishti and Avni. The dead bodies are brought out and Vidyut begs Avni to wake up. Neil slaps Vidyut and asks him not to take Avni’s name. Vidyut is taken away by police. 
Neil is convinced that Avni is not dead. Neil says that he will stay back in the house and wait for Avni. Neil breaks down. Neil is in the hospital along with his family. Neil thinks that Avni cannot go away from him. Doctor comes and says that the report will take time to come. Bebe comes there and Neil tells her not to believe the others as Avni is not dead.  Next day, Avni is seen doing last rites by the river. Doctor gets the reports. Pandit tells Avni that they will pray for the dead person. Neil gets the report. Bebe prays to Goddess. Neil reads the report confirming Avni’s death and he breaks down. Everyone cries.
Precap: Avni’s ghost comes to Vidyut and he asks her to go away.

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