The Episode starts with Neil and Avni coming home. Avni apologizes to Neil. Bebe calls him and says we have come for a function, we have kept your dinner, have it. Neil says okay and ends call. Avni says my Neilu, forgive me. Neil smiles. She says you were acting, cruel, I will show you what’s anger. He laughs and says don’t hit me, you did wrong today, but it was not a crime, you helped me and law too, I was thinking I will join you in police, police force needs good interrogators like you, would you join police force, tell me. She asks can this really happy. He says yes, we have to arrest Vidyut first, then I will recommend you, tell me do you want to work with me. She thanks and hugs him. She kisses him. He holds his cheek. She says sorry, I did it out of excitement. He says this mistake was due  since morning. He recalls kissing her while she was sleeping. She asks what. He says I m going to take a shower. He kisses her and goes.
Neil comes from washroom and looks for Avni. Avni gets ready for Neil. He asks are you playing hide and seek with me, come out, I m waiting. Lights go. He goes downstairs and sees the decorations. Neil calls her out. She says Neil…. and comes…. He smiles seeing her.

She says I can say fuse is blown out, but the truth is, power didn’t get cut, I have sent the lights away as you did in your bachelor party. She says I was standing in same place, but I betrayed you that time, you have gone through a lot by marrying me, because I had some motive to marry you, your life was in danger. He says yes, you are right, I m a police office, I don’t face such situations right. She says I m not joking, I m feeling guilty. He says I got to know the power of love because of you. She says I want to repeat our marriage vows by a true heart. She holds his hand and takes round. She says I promise I will always stand by you, you will be my priority, you will always be in my heart, no one can take this place, this life which I got as a gift from you, I will always treasure it, I got this lovely family because of you, I will fill more love in it, and our love will be my top priority.
Neil happily cries and kisses her hands. She gives him sindoor box. He fills her maang with sindoor. She says I always thought love makes a person weak, but your love has always given me courage, I m incomplete without you. He says we both are incomplete without each other. He kisses her. Music plays…. She says meet me in the room in 10 mins. He smiles.

Neil goes to the room and sees Avni standing in between the decorations. He blows off the candle by his hand. She goes and kisses his hand. Ang laga de….plays…. She shies away. Neil stops her. They romance and get close. He removes her bangles. They get intimate. He says I love you Avni, till I am alive, I will always love you, you are the only one I desire. She says I love you too Neil, I will love you till my last breath. They consummate their relation. Its morning, Avni sees Neil sleeping and recalls their love. Avni kisses him. She smiles.
Vidyut says surprise, Avni please marry me. She says I will never let you win, you will lose. He says I will destroy your family, Neil will cry and die.

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