Rishton ka Chakravyuh: Narottam opens Sudha ugly secret before family and Anami 
Star plus most awaited family melodrama Rishton ka Chakravyuh is looking forward to show the climax of the TV series.

It was earlier seen that how Anami doubts Satrupa when Sher Singh reveals Satrupa ordered him to kill Anami parents. 

However the family also assumes Satrupa real culprit. 

But the entire story will take u turn when Narottam will confront family. 
Narottam discloses Sudha evil truth 
They viewers will get to see high voltage drama where Narottam will finally disclose Sudha evil truth. 

Narottam will reveal before family and Anami that Sudha planned Anami parents death and Satrupa is innocent. 

While Narottam discloses this truth Satrupa is relieved while family and Anami is shocked. 
Anami will now forgive Satrupa while it would be quite interesting to watch if Narottam will leave Lal Mahal. 

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