Anami starts to choose dresses. Anami thinks about Adhiraj while choosing the dress and finally she selects one dress. Avdhoot Conspires Against Anami. Meanwhile, Avdhoot is determined to destroy Anami's life. A man walks towards Lal Mahal with the garbage sac in his hands while, the phone falls from it. Avdhoot takes the phone and asks her to leave. Avdhoot decides to find whose phone it is. Anami prepares to celebrate her birthday in her own style. Anami decides to use money to educate the children. She talks to Adhiraj about it. Adhiraj talks about her mother to Anami. He shows her picture with Dhiru. 
Meanwhile, Avdhoot hears the recording and hears it. Avdhoot decides to unveil this gift in front of everyone during the press conference. Anami calls the kids home and she decides to nurture their future. Gayatri is happy with Anami's decision while she convinces her for her birthday dress. Anami makes Laddu ready for the sports camp. Laddu wishes Anami in advance. Anami cleans the temple and prays to the God. 
Anami thinks about her foster mother. Anami reaches Adhiraj's house and wakes him up. Anami tells that its her birthday and he did no wish her yet. Anami says she waited for his call. Adhiraj is shocked to see her at his house. Anami invites him for her birthday while this was just his dream. Meanwhile, Madhu calls Adhiraj and tells him that she has reached Lal Mahal. 


Poonam tells Anami that Madhu has reached Lal Mahal. Gayatri stops her for leaving the pooja. Meanwhile, Madhu is also standing there and Kamini enters and she incidentally pushes Madhu. Madhu calls her blind Kamini turns back in anger and walks towards her.

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