Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Tanuja big question over continuing marital relation with Rishi or not
Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is once again moving towards the most sensitive storyline of Rishi and Tanuja separation.

No doubt, the destiny is playing its own game with Rishi and Tanuja love life.

The duos are yet in major dilemma as to continue their marital relationship or end this relationship.

Meanwhile AK aka Abhishek is trying his level best efforts to separate Rishi and Tanuja.
But what comes forth interesting is Rishi and Tanuja realize their love when Natasha makes Tanuja confess that Rishi truly loves her and Tanuja.

Tanuja and Rishi love in major dilemma
However, Rishi’s family hatred for Tanuja is stopping Tanuja to continue her relationship.

Although Tanuja can manage with Rishi family but she is in dilemma for Natasha concern.

Will Tanuja and Rishi continue their marital relationship?
Or for Natasha sake Tanuja will refuse to accept Rishi?

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