Kumkum Bhagya: Purab took last breathe behind back Sangram marries Disha
ZEE TV Serial Kumkum Bhagya seems to bid the end to Purab and Disha love story.

No doubt the show is keeping viewers hook to the show as per its wrenching love story of Abhi Pragya and Purab Disha.

The shocking twist in tale is that Purab meets accident which was pre plotted trap by Sangram.
Shockingly Purab is no more able to stand on own when Sangram drags Disha to marry her.

Abhi and Pragya to save Disha
Sangram will once again plan to marry Disha after Purab seems to take last breathe.

Apart from this, Abhi and Pragya are getting worried as Purab didn’t picks phone where after they suspect any trouble.
Will Abhi and Pragya save Disha?

Or Sangram will marry Disha?

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