The Episode starts with Mihika stopping Ishita. She says marriage is happening so soon, so I thought to get engaged at home. Romi gets angry. Mihika gives the ring to Raman. She says I knew you will fulfill all my needs. They exchange the rings. Amma looks on from far and gets sad. Simmi asks them to clap. Ishita cries. Pihu hugs her. Raman goes. Pihu asks Ishita to stop this. Mihika says she can’t stop this, I called her here so that she can see our engagement. Pihu calls her bad. Ishita sends Pihu. Ishita turns to go. Raman says Ishita, I recalled something. Ishita asks what. He says I remember…. Simmi interrupts…. Raman says one min Simmi. He says you can to Budapest with Ashok, your business partner, he was my business rival before, he was very cheap, you stay with him, why don’t you marry him, you can stop getting after us, you have seen engagement as well, I don’t want any drama. She leaves. Simmi stops Ishita and asks her to have sweets. 
She says your game is over, your lovely relation ended. Ishita says you think about yourself, we have a bond of many births, you just count some hours, this marriage will not happen till I m alive.
Simmi comes to Parmeet. She says Ishita is threatening me. She says if Ishita is aware of that murder truth. He says she can’t do anything, I fear you can tell her. She asks why will I tell her. He says I didn’t tell you as women don’t keep secrets, get ready fast, we have to go to Iyer house to give shagun, mummy ji wants rituals to happen well. She says it will be fun to sprinkle salt on their wounds. Raman and family come to Iyers house with shagun for Mihika.

Amma asks why did you come here. Mrs. Bhalla says we have come to give Mihika’s shagun. Amma says Bala, ask them to leave, I don’t want to see Mihika’s face. Mihika smiles. Raman says we have decided to let go of all differences, why don’t you join our celebrations, this wedding will take place, with or without your blessing, we will be happy if you come in the marriage. Ishita goes. Mrs. Bhalla shows the wedding card. She says we have become relatives again. Simmi says mum means they were relatives by Romi and Mihika’s marriage before. Aaliya says I will give shagun saree to Ishita. Raman asks is this over. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla gives the shagun plate. Bhallas leave. Aaliya comes to Ishita. She apologizes.
She says its all because of me, we are with you, Adi, Ruhi and me, I promise we won’t let this marriage happen. Ishita says I m worried about the video, he is blackmailing me, he will make the video viral, what shall I do. Aaliya asks is that man really dead. Ishita says don’t know, I didn’t find him, we have no proof. Aaliya says Simmi has sent shagun saree for you, she wants you to wear this in the marriage. Ishita throws it down. They get shocked seeing the money lender’s pic in the newspaper, wrapped over the saree. They check the date. Ishita says you had shot him on 4th, and protest was on 5th, it means…. Aaliya says I m not a murderer. Ishita says you didn’t kill him, I knew it. Aaliya asks what shall we do now, maybe Parmeet has hidden him. Ishita says we can find him. Amma gets angry. Bala says I told Appa that we will go in the wedding, we will go and explain Raman that Mihika is not right for him, we will spoil the marriage. Appa asks Amma to support them. Amma agrees and says we will create a mess in every function, we won’t let this marriage happen. Kiran says we should have someone from Bhalla house with us. Bala says I know who can support us from Bhalla family. Aaliya says yes, we will surely help you. She tells Adi, Ruhi and Pihu that Bala has a plan to stop the marriage, we have to support them. They agree and say we won’t let this marriage happen, none can take Ishita’s place. They join hands.
Ruhi joins Mihika in selecting the designer dress. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to help them. He asks them to decide. Mrs. Bhalla insists. Ruhi and Aaliya check the designs. Ruhi likes one and asks the designer to finalize this on sangeet. Simmi asks are you mad, its so bad, find something else. Parmeet asks Simmi to come and talk to decorator. She goes. Aaliya asks Raman did he like it. Raman says its nice. Pihu says no, I will select the sangeet lahenga. Mihika says yes, Pihu has a great choice. Pihu winks to Aaliya. She shows one design, which Mihika doesn’t like. Raman says then discussion ends, Pihu has selected it, thanks Pihu. He goes. Aaliya asks Pihu to go to her room.4

Ishita goes to find that man. She asks someone about the address. She reaches the house and finds it locked. She asks a lady about the money lender’s family. The lady says they left last week. Ishita asks do you know where does that man work. The lady says I don’t know. Ishita says its fine, I think Parmeet has hidden him somewhere.
Raman says I don’t want to come. Ishita says I know, you are not ready for this decision. Raman says I m sure about it. Ruhi says this is shagun mehendi, just you have right on this. Ishita smiles.

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