The Episode starts Mihika coming to Raman. Raman asks Adi not to let media in. Ruhi says Adi knows what to do. Ishita sees Raman from far and cries. She calls Ashok and asks about his informer, did he find anything, fine tell me about it. Simmi comes and taunts her. She says your sister is becoming your Sautan, you had challenged me that this marriage won’t happen, but its happening, Raman is so happy, what will you do. Ishita says the game is change anytime. She smiles and says don’t be overconfident. Shagun asks Mani to go in, she will come. She talks to reporters. She says this is Mihika’s third marriage, I don’t think she is right for Raman, she is marrying him for money. Mrs. Bhalla stops her and asks what was she saying about Mihika. She scolds her. Mani says everyone will say this, Shagun said the right thing, you can’t insult guests, we shall leave. 
Aaliya apologizes and stops them. Mani and Shagun ask her to relax, they are acting to stop this marriage. Aaliya thanks them.
Mani says I was annoyed with you after you took those pills, but we are here as we don’t want this marriage to happen. Shagun says I planted the reporters, I have to make them leave, handle that. Ishita gets a call. She says I will just go out and answer. Pammi comes and asks Ishita how is she, whom is Raman getting engaged to. Ishita says I will tell you, come. Pammi stops Ruhi. She asks whom is Raman marrying. Ruhi tells everything. Simmi looks on. Pammi says how can Mihika do this, I will talk to Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi says I have to do something. Ishita calls the man and says his phone is switched off, was it the money lender’s call, I should go. Simmi stops her and compliments. She asks her to meet everyone. They all dance. Dil bole hadippa….plays….
Ashok’s man meets Ishita. She asks did that man not come here, the door is still locked. He asks her to leave, he is here and if he finds any clue, he will inform her. She agrees. She says how do I help Aaliya. She gets Shagun’s call and says yes, I m coming.

Simmi performs on Do tola ka…..Everyone claps for her. Shagun asks Ishita is she fine. Ishita cries and says what if everything goes wrong. She hugs Shagun. Shagun says calm down, sit…. I can understand, what are you feeling, but I also know you and Raman are made for each other. Adi and Aaliya ask Ishita to come, does she not trust them, they won’t let the marriage happen, their performance is a big surprise. Ishita says just give me two mins, I will come.
Ruhi says just couple is the youngest jodi, Adi and Aaliya. Ishita comes. Adi says we are going to present the sweetest love story, Yeh hai mohabbatein… Adi and Aaliya play Raman and Ishita in the skit. They pick the newspapers. Ishita recalls her moment with Raman. Tere mere darmiyaan hai….plays…. Pihu comes as child Ruhi…. Adi cares for her. Ishita helps him. Adi and Aaliya replay IshRa’s moments. Raman recalls Ishita. He holds his head. Ishita looks on. Raman gets away from Mihika. He claps. Everyone looks on. Raman says I remember everything, you are my Ishita, my wife. They all smile. She asks what do you remember. He hugs Ishita and says you are my Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. Simmi and Parmeet get shocked. Raman says I m so sorry, why didn’t you tell this to me, how did I forget we got together for Ruhi, how can our relation break. She says our children, Ruhi, Pihu and Adi. He says how can I forget them. He hugs them. They smile.
Raman and Ishita dance on Dil diyaan gallan. Mihika complains about Adi and Ruhi. She misbehaves with Amma. Ishita gets shocked.

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