The Episode starts with Raman calling out Ishita and asking what is it. Ishita’s dream ends. She looks around. He asks what do you think, I don’t know why are you doing this, you did this to trouble me, I have fixed Gajra in your hair by mistake, you are using someone’s daughter to… She says she is our daughter, don’t say anything that you later regret. Simmi asks Ishita does she not have shame to involve their house’s children. Raman says make her out of here. Ishita cries. Bala asks what nonsense are you saying, Ishita is not responsible in this. Adi says stop it, Ishita didn’t tell us anything, we were trying to show a love story.
Pihu says its not Ishita’s mistake, don’t let her go. Raman says fine. Ishita cries. Raman says I m sorry, please don’t leave.  We need your blessings, Mihika come, its our marriage, we should be happy, Romi call the dhol artists. He promises Mihika that no one can separate them now. Ishita cries and goes. Adi stops Ruhi. Simmi and Parmeet smile. Bala says I will see Ishita. Raman and everyone dance on dhol beats.
Bala asks Ishita to say something. Ishita says there is nothing left to say, Simmi has done this, if Raman’s memory doesn’t come back then.. Simmi says Adi, Aaliya and others are together, maybe Ishita assured Aaliya that she will manage everything, we have to do something. Parmeet says you are right, I m waiting for the right chance, I already have a plan in mind. Ishita says no way, if Raman gets hurt…
Ruhi says don’t worry, Adi is with Raman. Adi says don’t think much, I m leaving. Adi apologizes to Raman. He asks Mihika to tell Raman to forgive him. Mihika says its okay, forgive him. Adi says thanks, just one drink, have it. Raman and Mihika drink. Adi throws his drink and acts. Amma says you can’t give up so easily, Raman gifted this saree to you, you have to remind him, you shouldn’t lose. Ishita says Simmi have erased Raman’s memories. Amma says you have to remind Raman. Ruhi says don’t give up hope, be strong. Adi says now I feel you have forgiven me, thanks. He thinks alcohol has shown its effect, I hope Amma has convinced Ishimaa.

Mihika says its our sangeet, we have to dance. Adi asks Raman to dance. Raman says clear the dance floor, here we come. Adi goes. Ruhi says the most awaited performance will start in some time. Adi says the wait is over. Ruhi says welcome Mihika and Raman.
Mihika and Raman dance on Suno raat ki kahani…. Pihu flashes the mirror light on Mihika. Mihika gets troubled and goes. Pihu and others dance with Raman on Nachdene saare…. Shitija locks up Mihika and goes. Simmi looks for Mihika. Kiran gets Ishita there.

Mihika knocks the door. Simmi opens the door and asks what are you doing here. Simmi says children did this. Mihika says that’s why Adi made me drink. Simmi says Ishita will dance with Raman, come with me. Bala calls Mr. Bhalla away. Kiran sends Ishita. Raman sees her and stops. Dil diyan gallan….plays…. Simmi and Mihika come and look on. Raman and Ishita dance. Pammi says Raman is getting married to Mihika, but he is dancing with Ishita, its good, I m happy seeing them together. Ishita doesn’t let Raman go. She holds his hand. Simmi asks Mihika to tell Raman to kick out Ishita.
Pihu drops a chair. Mihika falls down. Raman goes to her. Pihu says sorry. Simmi scolds her. Adi says its fine. Raman takes Pihu. Ruhi says I will see, stay here. Bala asks Ishita not to go, else Raman will get furious. Amma says we have succeeded in our plan, I will talk to Mihika. She goes to Mihika and says I told Pihu to do this, I wanted you to have a fracture, you ruined your sister’s life, I took good care of you, I loved you more than Vandu and Ishu, Ishu did so much for you, I didn’t know I m feeding milk to a snake, Appa will do your kanyadaan, I get raging seeing you. Adi asks Amma to come. Amma says I will only curse you, you lost your parents today. Adi takes her away. Mihika says let them say anything. Simmi says how can they curse you, go and see them, do something to stop them. Mihika goes. Parmeet sends the waiter. Raman scolds Pihu. Ruhi comes there. Raman says Mihika is going to become your mum. Pihu says I don’t want her. Aaliya feeds water to Amma. Amma says we should leave, lets go from here. Mihika stops her. She says what did you tell me, I m nor your daughter, you love your daughter a lot, you said you have raised me, else I would have been an orphan. Neelu asks Ishita to come fast and see what Mihika is doing.
Ishita scolds Mihika and pours wine over her. Parmeet ignites fire. They get shocked. Raman saves Mihika. Simmi says you have ignited fire and pretending now.

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