The Episode starts with Ashok calling Ishita and saying that man isn’t there in his house. Ishita says I m sure he is there, I have left a lucky draw slip, I m hoping he calls me. He says no, my man is already there, he will inform you, if that man calls you, I arranged the meeting, I have booked a room in hotel, you can meet him there and we will catch him. She thanks him. Simmi applies haldi to Raman. Shagun winks to Amma. Appa and Bala tear Raman’s kurta. He gets murmuring and goes. Amma asks Mihika can I apply you haldi first. Shagun signs Ruhi. Amma says I m like your mum, I will apply haldi, please. Mihika nods.
Simmi asks them to add rose water, haldi is thick. Shagun pours a lot of rose water. Mihika asks what are you doing. Shagun drops the bowl. They all get shocked. Ishita looks on from far. Ishita gets the message from money lender and gets glad. She replies that its not fake scheme and asks him to meet. Ruhi takes the haldi bowl. Simmi stops her and says you think you will take this to Ishita, stay in limits, this haldi will just go to Mihika. Ruhi says give it to me. Ishita comes. Simmi snatches the bowl and haldi falls over Ishita. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says its Raman’s haldi, what’s this abshagun. Raman says its not any abshagun, tailor will come to take sherwani measurements. They go. Simmi asks Ishita is she getting a laugh.
Ishita laughs and says its Raman’s haldi, you will always be my lovely Nanand. Simmi gets angry and goes. Ruhi says you got dad’s haldi. Ishita goes to change. Mrs. Bhalla talks of arrangements. Simmi gets sad. Parmeet asks what’s the matter, why are you worried. Simmi says Ishita got Raman’s haldi, she looked confident, children are helping her. Parmeet says she wants to scare us, she knows your weakness. Simmi says I m sure something is wrong. Parmeet says that man is safe, he is in his own house, don’t worry.
Money lender comes to meet Ishita and asks about lottery money and car, I have won for the first time in life, Lord may bless you, show me your face. Ishita turns to him. He gets shocked and says you…. She says you are alive, very well done, Aaliya had shot you, you are not even injured, it means this was a game played by Parmeet, so that he can blackmail me, you did this for money, you have been caught because of money. He takes the bag and gets leaving. She kicks him and says don’t you dare go anywhere. He points gun and asks her to move.

Simmi says I saw Ishita going out, why did she go, if she comes to know about that man. Parmeet says fine, I will call him. The man threatens Ishita. Ishita says I m sure you are not a bad man, you still have some humanity in you, you need money, I m a good person, help me and I will help you, Parmeet is not a good man, I know him well, once he is done with you, he will get you out of here. He says that’s why I want to leave from this city. Parmeet calls him. The man says he had to call right now. He lies to Parmeet that he is at home. Ishita hits a bottle on his head. She kicks him and takes the gun. She ties him up. Parmeet asks Simmi to dance in Raman’s baraat. Ishita asks the man to silently sit. Aaliya calls her. Ishita says just remember one thing, baraat shouldn’t come till I reach home, stop Raman by some way. The man kicks him. She says my phone got damaged, how shall I call Ashok. She gets angry on the man. She slaps him and shouts enough. Aaliya comes to talk to Mihika. Mihika asks her to come later, she has to get ready.
Aaliya says its urgent, Mihika sends the lady. Aaliya says please refuse to marry. Mihika asks what, are you out of your mind, I m sure Ishita has sent you. Aaliya says no, I will tell everything, I had got a call. She tells everything and says Ishita signed on divorce papers for me, Simmi and Parmeet are doing this plotting, they are not good, don’t believe them. Mihika says I m so sorry Aaliya and hugs her. She says thank God you told this to me, else I would have not agreed for marriage. Simmi comes. They laugh.

Ishita threatens the man. She calls Ashok. Servant says Ashok is sleeping, shall I wake him up. Ishita says no, let it be. She thinks to take the money lender to Raman and expose Parmeet. She says I will expose you to the world, so that Raman knows his sister and Parmeet are disgusting.

Ishita comes home and asks where is everyone. She gets shocked seeing Parmeet. She asks where is Raman. He says baraat has left. Raman sits in the mandap.

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