The Episode starts with Naira saying you are mistaken Dadi. Dadi says Naitik won’t say anything, Priyanka tell the truth. Manish asks Priyanka is this true. Naira asks Dadi not to say awkward things. Dadi says you always call me wrong, I m elder to you. Priyanka says its nothing like that. Dadi says I know its difficult to accept truth. Naira says end this matter now. Dadi asks why are you acting childish, you are feeling odd as its about your dad, but I will speak the truth, I don’t need your permission to say this. Kartik says its tough for Naira, let it go. Dadi says but we have heard it, you heard it too. Naira looks at Kartik. Naitik and family leaves.
Naira goes to her room and cries. She throws her bracelet. Kartik comes and picks it. Manish asks Priyanka what’s  the truth. Priyanka says sorry, I have promised Naitik, I can’t say anything, he will tell everything. Dadi asks why, its related to you too. Priyanka says Naitik will tell everyone. Manish asks Dadi is she sure, who has told Kartik. Dadi thinks I can’t take Kirti’s name. She says I can’t say, but news is true, Naira will make Kartik’s life miserable. Suwarna thinks this shouldn’t drift Kartik and Naira away. Kartik asks Naira not to hurt herself. She scolds him for hiding such a huge secret about her dad. He says he is my dad too, I didn’t know the matter entirely, what could I tell you, I wanted to avoid this. She says don’t give me excuses, I would have understood if you said. He says you would feel the same, I felt this during my childhood. She says I m not a child. They argue. Kartik says you are saying as if you didn’t hide anything. She asks what did I hide, tell me. He says Shubham has stolen my presentation, did you tell me, he got scared and told me everything, it was imp and about me and my dad, you have done the same thing.
Devyaani and everyone ask Naitik to open the door and talk to them. Kirti sees Naksh and says please try once. They ask Naksh to try. Devyaani calls Naira and says come fast, Naitik has locked himself in room, he is not listening to us. Naira tells this to Kartik. Naksh asks what shall I say, I m feeling strange, you gave me a hint, I ignored it, I never thought that this could happen, how did Dadi and Kartik know this, who told them. She cries. He asks did you…. She says no, I mean I didn’t tell them, but I blurted it out. He says you were thinking about it, you actually think dad and Priyanka have an affair. She says no, try to understand, Dadi misunderstood. He asks didn’t you correct Dadi, Naira is one who doesn’t share issues of her inlaws here, and you have told this to your family, which you were not sure about. Naira and Kartik come. Naira asks Naitik to open the door. Everyone asks Naitik to open the door. Naira says don’t worry, please go, I will manage. She sends elders. She cries and asks Naitik to open the door. Naksh sits with her. She asks did you know this. He says no, that’s not possible. Kartik asks why do you look worried, did anything happen between you and Naksh.
Kirti says its happening because of me, Naksh is upset with me, if family knows this, they will hate me. He says no one will hate you, its not easy to deal with, everyone was weird when we knew about Manish and Suwarna. Its not easy for them, we will have to stand by them. Naira says I just know that if Naitik wants this… Naksh says he can never want this, I know him well. She says we will support whatever he decides. He says there’s nothing, this will never happen. She sees Kartik and thinks I truly need you, I feel so lonely, why did you get away. She sees the keyhole and asks Naksh to find keys, they can’t wait more. Manish and everyone come. Manish says sorry, we came to talk to Naitik, Priyanka is not telling us anything. Dadi says I m sorry if Naitik felt bad. Baisa says I don’t think you are wrong, I would have done the same, sorry that Naira couldn’t understand this, she is Naitik’s daughter. Dadi says I m not blaming her.

Baisa says its the fate’s fault. Manish asks Priyanka to try once. Naksh says no need…. Naira is trying, Naitik doesn’t listen to anyone. Priyanka says fine, as you wish. Kartik sees his family and says Naira, everyone is downstairs, please tell him. 
Naira asks Naitik to open the door, everyone has come, how will we get to know the truth. Naitik opens the door. He says lets go downstairs, I have to tell the truth. He goes downstairs. He apologizes and says there is nothing as you think, I just didn’t understand what to say, Priyanka told me to say truth, but I had no courage, truth is Priyanka and I are just friends.

Priyanka thinks you are still not telling the truth. Naira says its good, I m glad to hear this, Dadi there is nothing such. Kartik says anyone can be friends., Dadi asks what’s the need of friendship in this age. Naira says why not. Kartik says who are we to decide this. Baisa says society has certain rules, a man and a woman can never be friends. Dadi says you have complete family, what’s the need of friendship. Manish says friendship can happen any time, this scene should have not created, we will end this here. Dadi taunts and takes a leave. Goenkas leave. Naitik goes to his room. Priyanka gets angry and follows him. Everyone looks on.
Kartik gifts a heart to Naira. He says I love you Naira, I will always be with you. He lifts her in arms. They smile.

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