The Episode starts with Kartik serving kheer and praising Naira. Naira sees him and comes. She stops him and asks what are you doing, who told you to do this, just go, I can manage my work. He gets embarrassed. The lady says see her attitude, she made her husband work and now she is talking so badly. Kartik says sorry and goes. He slips on stairs and balance. He goes. Naira sees Dadi and turns. She gets hurt and goes. Suwarna thinks they didn’t do any mistake, still they are getting punished. Lady taunts Dadi. Lav and Kush hide the wine bottle. Kush says that juice was of same color.
Kartik thinks of Naira’s words. He sees decorations in room. Naira asks him to listen. She says I know you wanted to help me but… lady says we had a pleasure, we will leave now. Dadi gets  angry. She shouts Naira. Suwarna and Surekha worry. They stop Dadi. Manish, Akhilesh and Aryan come. Manish says reporters have come home, they are from business magazine. Kartik says you should have planned this for me, you love me, you went ahead of my expectations, you showed the guests how much you used me. He drinks the juice. She says I know I shouldn’t have done that, why did you serve them. He says don’t ask me. The gift box falls. She asks why are you not listening, why are you spoiling this, its not easy for me. She coughs and drinks the juice. He goes. She shouts to him.
Naitik sees everyone silent and cracks an ant-elephant joke. Kirti sees Naksh. Reporter asks Dadi how did she make this big empire. Dadi says my sons joined me when business grew. Akhilesh says new generation joined us too, Kartik and…. reporter says call Kartik and his wife, lets click a family pic. Kartik says its better to work outside. Naira asks him to leave, she will go before him. She goes first. Dadi praises their pairing. She sees Naira going out and Kartik going after her. Manish says our children have added a new chapter. Dadi says what did Naira do now. Naira goes. Kartik sees some van and says move this. The man says its unloaded. Kartik says do what you want, I m going by taxi. He leaves.
Manish asks what’s the matter, you seem worried. Dadi says she created a scene first and now she stormed out angrily, don’t know what happened. She says Kartik and Naira went out. Akhilesh says reporters are asking about them. Kirti asks Naksh not to be annoyed. Naksh gets a call and says yes, I will talk to dad. Naitik looks on.

Naksh says I was coming to meet you, we have to go there and sign papers. Naitik says like you value me, you should value your wife too. Naksh says she should have not told this to Dadi. Naitik says we share things with family, like we want Naira to share things with us, just blame me, my friendship has caused this, your annoyance should be with me. Naira walks on road and says I hadn’t imagine the day will get spoiled, Kartik met me like this, we are having a tiff. Kartik passes by in a taxi. She gets hit by taxi and falls down. Kartik says you should see and drive. Naira asks can’t you see. Kartik sees her and asks what are you doing, walking in middle of the road. They argue. Taxi leaves. Kartik says wait, I have to go office. She says yes go. He calls her cactus. She says you are not rose. They take lift. She leaves on a girl’s scooty. He takes lift from a guy. Kartik and Naira argue, while the girl and guy also argue, while driving their vehicles steady. The guy says I love you so much. The girl asks why did you fight then. Kartik says you can either love or fight, not both together. The guy agrees. The girl says yes thanks. They ask Kartik and Naira to patch up too and leave on the bike.
Kirti says Naksh messaged me and called, don’t know what will he say. She comes in and sees a glowing mini tent. He calls her in. He says this tent is of my childhood, when I was upset in childhood, I used to come here and hide, then mumma or anyone else used to come and convince me, now I m grown up, I have come here to celebrate a special day, its our first valentines day, many special days are mentioned here, see… Naira did sketching and spoiled my tent, I want to add one more memory. He holds her hand. He makes a heart and writes NK. She says I m sorry and cries. He says don’t say sorry, say I love you. She says I love you.

Kartik and Naira walk on road. It starts raining. She hugs him. He says come over there. They run to some place and recall their last valentine. They smile. She says we were at a dhaba last year on valentines. He says it was our valentines before marriage. He opens arms. She hugs him. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. She says happy valentines, I love you. He wishes her and says I love you too.
Kartik and Naira romance. Dekho na…..plays…. Kartik says I will go and get Naira’s gift. Naira gets shocked seeing the fire.

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