The Episode starts with Kartik lighting fire. Dekho na….plays… He sees Naira out in the rain and goes to her. They romance. They sit near bonfire. They paint a heart on the wall and write Kaira. Manish says children are mad, we should call police. Surekha says no, I feel they have patched up and are having a candle light dinner. Akhilesh says not sure, they are together, there is nothing to worry. A cloth flies and catches fire. Kirti says Naitik and Naksh are on the way. Bhabhimaa asks Kirti to go out with Naksh and celebrate valentines day. Devyaani says get ready well. Kirti smiles.
Kirti thinks they are all so nice, they love me, if thye know about the money matter, I m scared to think of it. Dadi calls her. Kirti says Naksh and Naitik are outside, just ladies  are at home. Dadi asks about Naira. Kirti says I didn’t talk to her, I was thinking to tell Narang’s issue. Dadi scolds her. She asks her to think something sensible and ends call. Dadi says even Kirti doesn’t know about them, I feel like something bad is going to happen, Lord protect them. Naira says this place is so good, can’t we live here, I don’t want to go home. Kartik asks why, you always say you have to live with joint families, you kicked me out of my flat. She says yes, I want to be here with you, just the both of us, I wish they let us live how we want because sometimes if we try our best to please one, other gets unhappy, there is no balance.
He says the one who wants to keep everyone happy will be always worried, if you stay happy, you can keep everyone happy. She asks shall I become selfish. He says yes, just be normal like everyone, you are very cute, that’s why I love you so much. She says you don’t love me, so you broke my gift in anger. He says sorry. She asks will my gift come back with sorry. He says I got a gift for you, its at home. She says I won’t go home. He asks will you stay here alone if I go, won’t you get scared. She says stupid, you forgot I m a lioness, nothing will happen to me. 
He asks shall I go, okay I will be right back. He sees the fire and shouts Naira, look over there. She laughs and says people get married after falling in love, its fire of marriage rounds, go and come back soon. He says fine, I need to hurry up and come, we will get married and stay in our house. He goes. Naira says fire is so beautiful, orange and yellow.

Naitik asks will they send papers home. Naksh says yes. Naitik gets a message. Naksh asks all okay. Naitik says yes, this road is so isolated, did you speak to Naira today. Naksh says no. Naitik says even Kartik didn’t call me, she must be busy now, I will call her tomorrow. Kartik walks on the road. He says I have to get Naira’s gift, then we will stay together in our house. Naira says I feel so good, I don’t feel cold now. He sees a log and moves it off. Naksh’s car passes. Manish says they are impossible, we are so worried. Aryan asks Manish not to worry, ask them to tell you next time. Akhilesh asks are you provoking him. Aryan argues with Akhilesh.
Naira gets back when the fire sparks burn her arm. She tries to blow off the fire. The men see the fire and talk. Naira sits between the fire and smiles. Kartik gets hurt. He comes on the road and asks for help. He asks someone to drop him at Goenka villa, its my house. The men smile. Naira says wow, its fun, first rain and then bonfire, its falling. Naksh sees the fire and stops the car. Naksh and Naitik get down the car and ask men what happened, did you call fire brigade. The man says no use, there is no one, this place is vacant since years. Naitik says even then we should check for our satisfaction. Naksh says yes. They come inside the place.

Kartik sits in the jeep and thanks the men. They leave. Naksh and Naitik get shocked seeing Naira and shout out. Naksh stops Naitik. Naksh jumps in. Naira asks what are you doing here, who told you I m here. Naksh covers her with a blanket and takes her. A fire pillar falls in front of them.
Naksh gets Naira out. The place blasts. Naitik asks where is Kartik. Naira says he left me here and went home. Servant says someone called and said Kartik is in their custody. Manish gets shocked.

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