Naamkaran: Neil (Zain Imam) stands against Avni's (Aditi Rathore) decision over Siasha and KK's alliance 
The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is up for some interesting twist and drama.

KK's mother Kamini has came to Sukoon house after KK's return from kidnapping trap and proposes KK and Siasha's alliance.

Avni is stunned as Siasha is eighteenth years old and Avni wants her to stand on her own feets before anything else.
Avni will be puzzled and refuses and decides to talk to Siasha first and Siasha is already mad in KK's love and agrees to marry KK.

Avni and Neil's confrontation over Siasha
Avni is stunned but can't stop Siasha as she loves KK and thus Neil who came to know that Siasha is Mishti that is his daughter.

Neil bursts at Avni that how can she take Mishti's decision alone as and is his daughter and lashes at Avni.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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