Ishqbaaz Latest News: Veer plans to risk Aryan's life to create rift in Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get shocked to see Aryan not under the trolley, AniRiYa see Aryan walkng away and hiding in another trolley. Veer tells Aryan that he has kept chocolates for him inside the Holi firewood, Aryan goes to the firewood while Shivika, Riakra and Ruvya are busy arguing. Aryan removes the wood and goes to sit inside, Veer gets happy. Anika feels guilty towards Shivaay. Soumya informs Veer and Roop that Tia will not make any mistake anymore. Veer shows Aryan to Soumya, he says either Aryan will be out or will be killed, it is a win win situation for them, Soumya feels happy.Pinky calls everyone for Holika Dahan. Oberoi family does Holi Puja. Anika thinks of finding culprit behind Aryan, Shivaay hopes to find what Anika i shiding. 
AniRiYa get shocked to see the other trolley empty, they run to look for him. They get horrified to see Aryan inside the firewood. Dholwalas play the Dhol, ShivOmRu dance. Pandit comes forward to light the Holi firewood. AniRiYa run towards the firewood, they remove the firewood. Khanna brings the Pandit who got Rudra married to Soumya, ShivOmRu go with Khanna. AniRiYa remove  the firewood as it starts burning, they get Aryan out and save him.

AniRiYa sneak away with Aryan, Veer gets angry. The Pandit tells ShivOmRu about the fake marriage of Rudra and Soumya and that he is not a Pandit. Rudra gets shocked. Shivaay and Omkara assure Rudra that he will marry only Bhavya. 
AniRiYa look after Aryan. He reveals about a big uncle. AniRiYa think of telling Aryan their names, Aryan reveals their names before AniRiYa can say. AniRiYa take promise from Aryan that he will not leave them. AniRiYa enter kitchen with Aryan and get shocked to see Shivaay, they hide Aryan. They try to cover up Aryan from Shivaay. He says he already knows what the girls are hiding. Shivaay finds Aryan behind the kitchen platform and brings him out. Shivaay questions AniRiYa about Aryan. Aryan addresses Shivaay as Papa, Anika says Aryan is Mrs. Ahluwalia's son, Aryan says No. Shivaay gets surprised. He decides to call Mrs. Ahluwalia, Anika stops him and starts making drama over Tia. 
AniRiYa try to take Aryan away, saying they will drop him at Ahluwalias, Shivaay stops them saying Khanna will take him. The girls refuse. Anika says she and Bhavya will take Aryan, Anika and Bhavya leave. Gauri sneaks away.

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