Shivaay follows Anika and Bhavya, Anika tries to drive Shivaay away, he watches them getting in the car with Aryan. Anika and Bhavya make the drama of leaving in the car with Aryan. As Shivaay goes away, Gauri calls them back. They get in the Oberoi Mansion through the window. AniRiYa thinks of protecting Aryan during the Holi Celebration. Anika asks Gauri and Bhavya if they have had Bhaang. Anika says next day they will make everyone have Bhaang to that they can hide Aryan.Shivaay thinks of making Soumya having the Bhaang to get the truth out of her. Veer thinks of making AniRiYa have the Bhaang so that they will bring Aryan in front of everyone. Tia thinks of making Veer and Soumya have the bhaang so that she can go and meet Robin and her baby. 
In the morning, Shivaay dances on Holi songs, Omkara and Rudra sing and get ready for Holi. As soon as Shivaay and Omkara get out of their rooms, but they get colored. Rudra makes fun of them, Suddenly a big water balloon falls over Rudra, Shivaay and Omkara laugh at him. ShivOmRu color each other. Senior Oberois join in and reveal that in fact they were the ones to color ShivOmRu. Senior Oberois play Holi with ShivOmRu.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya join them, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya throw colors on ShivOmRu. AniRiYa sneak away before ShivOmRu can catch them. Veer instructs Soumya to add Bhaang in AniRiYa's Thandai so that they can prove that Aryan is Soumya and Rudra's son. 
Tia plans to add Bhaang in Soumya and Veer's Thandai. ShivOmRu catch up with AniRiYa, Oberoi Bahus once again manage to throw colors on ShivOmRu. AniRiYa challenge ShivOmRu to color them. ShivOmRu fail, AniRiYa throw colors on ShivOmRu once again and sneak away. ShivOmRu get determined to color AniRiYa. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya dance on Balam Pichkari and celebrate. ShivOmRu see Veer and play Holi with him. Senior Oberois enjoy Holi. Shivaay tells Rudra to dance with Soumya, Rudra dances with Soumya. Rudra coughs and suggests Soumya that they should have Thandai. She sees Veer and thinks he must have added bhaang in Thandai. 
Soumya tries to avoid Thandai, Rudra says he has got special Aaloo Paratha made for her, Soumya happily eats, Rudra winks at Shivaay and Omkara. AniRiYa add Bhaang in thandai and ask Bhavya to make them drink thandai. Veer comes to them and asks for Thandai.

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