Anika tells Gauri that they must find Aryan and for that they need to divert ShivOmRu's attention. ShivOmRu dance on Shava Shava, AniRiYa join in, Veer keeps a watch and gets happy looking at the Gifts Ball. Rudra approaches Soumya and asks her for dance, Rudra asks Soumya to keep her bag aside and takes her for dance. Shivaay approaches the bag, Veer stops him and speaks about the Gifts Ball containing something special for Rudra and Bhavya. Shivaay gets Veer occupied with a girl to dance in the function. Shivaay moves towards Soumya's bag to check her phone. He gives the phone to a hacker to unlock the phone, he unlocks the phone. Shivaay gets shocked to see all the text messages and other history deleted. 
A tailor calls on Soumya's phone and asks about his payment, the tailor reveals that Soumya is getting married to Rudra, Shivaay connects the dots and realizes that Soumya wants to marry Rudra. AniRiYa get worried about Aryan, Roop awaits the ball opening. Aryan wakes up, Veer and Roop get happy. Shivaay wonders about Soumya's modus operendi to marry Rudra. Pinky asks Shivaay to start Gifts Ceremony, suddenly Aniks sees Aryan in the Ball, AniRiYa get shocked and worried. Veer says Shivaay wants to surprise everyone with the Gifts ball.
Shivaay instructs Khanna to open the ball, Anika tries to stop him being worried about gifts breaking down, Pinky says the gifts are bubble wrapped. veer pulls the knob of the ball, the ball opens, gifts start falling off, AniRiYa run towards the ball, they save Aryan before he hits the ground, all get shocked. AniRiYa look after scared Aryan, Veer, Soumya and Roop get happy.
Shivaay questions Anika. Soumya imagines a fight between Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya, she dreams the media pressurizing Rudra to marry Soumya and Bhavya running away. OmRu question Gauri and Bhavya. Anika reveals that Aryan is staying with them from last two days. Anika says they needed some time to find out about Aryan. aryan calls Shivaay as Papa, Aryan takes Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra's names as his father's names. All get shocked, Gauri says they wanted to find out Aryan's real parents. Anika says someone has sent the child to create problems and misunderstandings in the Oberoi family, Veer and Soumya get shocked. Veer instructs his man, his man calls the media. Media reporters barge in Oberoi Mansion. They run towards Aryan, Shivaay stops them. Reporter calls Aryan a illegitimate child of Oberoi family, Shivaay threatens to call police. Reporters calls Aryan to be Rudra's son, all get shocked.

Reporters claim that Rudra had married Soumya and Aryan is their son, yet Rudra is marrying Bhavya, Rudra gets puzzled.

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