Tia gets determined to meet Shivaay to tell him everything. Veer puts a live electric wire on Shivaay's door knob while Shivika enjoy their dance in the room. Veer thinks that once Shivaay touches the knob, he will get the shock and will be bedridden, so that Veer can swipe Bhavya with Soumya. Tia enters the Oberoi Mansion, Veer calls Shivaay on phone, Shivaay cannot hear the phone ring. Suddenly, Shivika hear Tia's scream and run to the door, Tia is seen unconscious on the floor, all get shocked. Veer and Soumya get confused. They check her twisted hand, Shivaay realizes Tia got electric shock. Soumya offers to take Tia in her room, ShivOmRu refuse and take Tia in Shivaay's room. Veer offers to examine Tia, ShivOmRu refuse. ShivOmRu and Anika wonder about Tia's reason to enter Oberoi Mansion. Veer tells Soumya and Roop that Tia came to meet Shivaay. 
Veer says it will take atleasr 4 hours to get back to normalcy. Shivaay tells OmRu and Anika that they must protect Tia from Veer, Soumya and Svetlana. Veer decides to shut Tia's mouth. Shivaay offers to look after Tia, Anika gets restless and decides to stay back. Anika makes excuses and tries to send Shivaay away from Tia. Rudra tells Anika not to be insecure. Anika says she is worried. Anika warns Shivaay that she will keep an eye on Tia and Shivaay.
Roop questions Jhanvi and Pinky about Tia, Roop gets shocked to know Tia's full name, Tia Kapoor as she has connection with Kalyani Mills. Dadi's friends come to meet Dadi, Anika tells them that Dadi is in America, the friends misunderstand and think that Dadi is no more. 
Anika clears their misunderstanding and goes to call Pinky. A friend goes to get water. Roop reminds Pinky and Jhanvi that Tia must be the daughter of their Partner Kapoor in Kalyani Mills, Pinky and Jhanvi get worried, Roop scares them further saying that Tia must have come to tell Kalyani Mills truth to Shivaay. Anika comes to call Pinky, Pinky goes with her. Jhanvi thinks of stopping Tia from telling anything to Shivaay. Roop feels happy. Shivaay waits for Tia to get conscious. Shivaay takes off Tia's blanket and goes close to her, Dadi's friend comes there in search of water and gets shocked to see Shivaay close to Tia, Shivaay tries to treat Tia, the lady misunderstands and takes a photo of Tia and Shivaay. 
She decides to show it to Anika. Jhanvi and Roop come to Shivaay's room, Jhanvi tells Shivaay to go to eat, Jhanvi and Roop offer to sit with Tia. Roop gives one injection to Tia while Jhanvi talks to Shivaay. Veer looks over, FB shows Veer giving the injection to Roop which will keep Tia unconscious for 3 days. Shivaay suddenly turns to see Roop, the injection falls.

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