Tia makes the drama of becoming unconscious again

Shivika keep Tia in the car, the driver runs away with the car, Shivika get shocked. The car driver turns out to be Svetlana. Veer and Svetlana feel happy. Svetlana calls Tia idiot and confronts her, Tia doesn't answer, Svetlana stops the car and gets shocked to see Tia's mannequin, Shivika rejoice their success. Svetlana informs Veer about the mannequin, Veer blames it on Anika. Svetlana warns Veer about Tia, Veer gets determined to kill Tia. All wait for Tia to gain consciousness.  Tia tells Shivaay about the electric shock. Shivaay asks Tia to tell the truth, as Tia tries to tell Shivaay, Roop enters, Shivaay questions Tia, Doctor tells Shivaay to take it easy. 
Soumya offers to get soup for Tia, Bhavya and Gauri follow Soumya. Soumya is seen thiking of adding powder to add in the soup to make Tia go back to sleep. Gauri and Bhavya enter the kitchen, Soumya stops, Bhavya and Gauri stay around Soumya.

Ishqbaaz serial update: Veer plans to kill Tia
As Soumya leaves with the soup and thinks of adding the powder, Bhavya and Gauri stop her and go with her till they reach Tia's room. Jhanvi and Pinky get worried about Tia's confession. ShivOmRu and Anika wait restlessly. Roop and Veer see Bhavya and Gauri with Soumya. Roop stops them, takes the soup to give to Tia. Roop puts a phone in Tia's soup. 
Shivaay tries to talk to Tia, Roop enters with the soup. Roop insists on Tia to have soup. Roop makes Tia see the phone in the soup, Tia sees the video on the phone and gets shocked, the video says if Tia tells the truth to Shivaay, her husband and child will be killed. Tia gets worried, Shivaay questions Tia, she gets in dilemma and makes the drama of becoming unconscious. Veer and Roop get happy. Shivaay waits for Tia to gain consciousness. Suddenly loud music is heard, DJ comes for Rudra's wedding music, Shivaay and Anika get in argument over who will decide the music. 
Roop offers to stay with Tia, Tia hopes that Shivaay won't leave her, ShivOmRu and Anika leave. Roop laughs at Tia. Shivaay and Anika argue again over the music. Omkara suggests to have a music competition to decide the wedding music.

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