Shivaay calls everyone for the music competition, all try to dance on Shivaay's favorite Jazz music but find it difficult. Everyone dances on Anika's dance music, Anika teases Shivaay. Roop threatens Tia to stay in Shivaay's room. Omkara and Rudra pull Shivaay in for dance, all dance happily. Suddenly, a small boy enters Oberoi Mansion. He also starts dancing happily. Pinky sends ShivOmRu to try they wedding attires. Roop threatens to kill Tia's husband and her child. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see the boy and dance around him. The boy acts likes Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra. Tia challenges Roop that she cannot destroy Oberoi family. Veer hears it and gets determined to break down Shivaay. 
AniRivya question the boy, he speaks in baby language, he reveals his name as Aryan. AniRiVya start getting confused and ask about his father. Suddenly Aryan takes Shivaay's name as his father, Anika gets shocked. Gauri asks Aryan about his father's profession, Aryan reveals painting, Gauri gets shocked.

Ishqbaaz serial update: Anika, Gauri and Bhavya determined to find Aryan's truth
Bhavya asks about looks, Aryan shows sign of muscular body, Bhavya gets shocked. The girls think that one of ShivOmRu is father of the boy. Roop tells Tia to be in Shivaay's room till Soumya doesn't become Rudra's wife. Aryan reveals that he has come to meet his father, AniRiVya try to find his father from Aryan. They get irritated and tired as Aryan gives confusing answers. Anika asks Aryan about his mother, he reveals the name as Mummy, the girls give up. 
Shivaay asks Tia if she is ok, Tia thinks that she has to hide the truth from Shivaay for saving Robin and her child. Shivaay asks Tia to tell the truth. AniRiVya try to figure out about Aryan and defend ShivOmRu. They think that someone has sent Aryan purposely, they decide to find out. Aryan shakes his juice like Rudra and drinks it, Bhavya gets worried, he talks like Shivaay, Anika gets shocked, Aryan uses words used by Omkara, Gauri gets shocked. Tia tells Shivaay that she is ready to offer her help for Rudra's wedding, Shivaay feels that Tia is hiding some truth from him. 
Tia asks Shivaay if she can stay in Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay agrees. Gauri asks Aryan to show photo of his parents, he shows a picture of a man that looks like a combination of ShivOmRu. The girls get shocked and cry.

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