The Oberoi bahus discuss Aryan and decide to hide him from Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya decide to find the secret of Aryan. Veer and Soumya see them, Veer says their work will be done through Aryan. Veer is seen thinking that Anika, Gauri and Bhavya will confront ShivOmRu over Aryan and will have a fight with them. Veer thinks AniRiYa will leave ShivOmRu and that will break the marriages. Veer tells Soumya that Bhavya will soon be out of Rudra's life and Rudra will be hers' forever. Soumya dreams about her wedding with Rudra and feels happy. Veer and Soumya get shocked to see different reaction from his prediction. 
ShivOmRu discuss about Tia, Shivaay informs Anika that Tia would be staying in Oberoi Mansion for some days. Flashback shows Oberoi Bahus deciding  to stay in one room together to hide Aryan. Anika decides to make the drama of fight with Shivaay to stay in other room. Anika starts fighting over Tia with Shivaay. Shivaay tries to calm Anika, she continues to fight. Anika says she won't stay in Shivaay's room. Omkara tries to calm Anika, Omkara and Gauri fight, Rudra comes to rescue, Bhavya fights with him, AniRiYa decide to stay in other room and leave. ShivOmRu think that the bahus are hiding something from them. Soumya gets angry with Veer. Veer decides to bring Aryan in front of everyone.
Veer tries to coax Aryan to play out with him, AniRiYa reach closer to the room while Veer is inside, Veer tells Aryan about the chocolates in the fridge, Aryan goes out, AniRiYa get worried and look for Aryan. They decide to look for Aryan separately, they get shocked to see ShivOmRu in their room. ShivOmRu confront AniRiYa. Suddenly the girls see Aryan behind ShivOmRu and get worried, Veer feels fake Anika acting very convincingly with Gauri and Bhavya. AniRiYa try to keep ShivOmRu's attention away from Aryan, Veer keeps a watch on them. AniRiYa shit ShivOmRu's eyes and hide Aryan behind the couch. Veer gets angry. Shivaay confronts Anika, the girls throw ShivOmRu out of the room. Shivaay decides to become SSO, he goes in the room, picks up Anika in his arms and takes her to his room. Shivaay and Anika fight, Shivaay throws away Anika's plate. Shivaay pushes Anika on the bed and confronts her, both try to control each other on the bed. 
Anika runs away. Shivaay asks an investigator to find out about Soumya. ShivOmRu wonder about Soumya and Veer's connection and her motive. Tej comes and tells Soumya wants Rudra, ShivOmRu get shocked.

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