Veer drinks Thadai,  Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya dance, Veer and Soumya dance along under the bhaang effect. Tia decides to leave the Oberoi Mansion, Veer comes in front of her, Tia tries to explain herself, Veer sends Tia out with colors to play holi with her husband and child. Everyone dances. Later, Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya along with Veer and Soumya act weird under the bhaang effect. Shivaay wonders why they are behaving this way, Anika reveals that AniRiYa made ShivOmRu have bhaang, Shivaay reveals ShivOmRu made Soumya have Bhaang, Soumya reveals Veer added Bhaang in Gujiya, Soumya says she and Veer are partners. 
Shivaay asks Soumya about their plan, Soumya reveals that they want stop Rudra and Bhavya's wedding and about proving Aryan to be Rudra and Soumya's son to marry Rudra. Soumya cries saying Aryan is missing. AniRiYa reveal that they have kept Aryan hidden.
Veer asks Anika about Aryan, Anika reveals Aryan is in their room. Anika also tells Veer that she is real Anika and not Kumari Rosie Rani and she never died. All laugh. Veer reveals that he is Roop's son and that he is brother of ShivOmRu and wants to avenge them. Roop stops Tia from leaving and tells her that before Tia can reach them, they will be dead, Roop laughs, Tia cries and begs Roop not to do it. Roop tells Tia to be back in the Oberoi Mansion. Roop sees all asleep and gets shocked to see Veer in the sleeping in the pool. Roop gets angry. Next morning, everyone suffers from hangover. Pinky asks Khanna about preparations of Rudra and Bhavya's Gift ceremony and scolds everyone.
Shivaay tells Khanna to get lime juice for everyone and adds raw eggs in the lime juice. 
Everyone drinks somehow. They cannot remember what happened previous day. Shivaay gets glimpses of Veer celebrating with them and that Veer spoke of a secret, but Shivaay cannot recollect the secret. Shivaay remembers Anika spilling out some truth, suddenly AniRiYa get scared as Aryan comes out, Shivaay tries to remember AniRiYa's secret, Aryan goes away before Shivaay can see him. Later, AniRiYa think of making Kulfi for Aryan, sudden Kulfi from Kulfi Kumar Bajewala comes and sings for AniRiYa, they all bless Kulfi and take a selfi. Shivaay tries to remember secret told by Veer. 

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