In the morning, Tanuja wakes up and realizes being in Rishi’s room. She turns to leave when Rishi wish her a good morning. Tanuja lies that she only came to check if he is asleep. Rishi says she looks really pretty when lying, he really enjoyed her head massage after years. He reminds her about shopping for his parent’s anniversary. Tanuja wears her shoes and hurries outside the room.
Manpreet comes to the room and decides to patch up with Ahanna. He says he was thinking about ending it all up. Ahanna says she was also thinking they must now end this relation, nothing is left in it now. Manpreet won’t have a problem if this relation ends now, but he will have to wait till anniversary of Raaj and Rano. In the hall, Manpreet was doomed. Rishi offers to speak to Ahanna. Manpreet says his and Ahanna’s
 relation isn’t like that of Rishi and Tanuja. Rishi tells Manpreet to show some passion towards his relation. He heads for shopping.
On the way back outside mall, Tanuja was furious over Rishi. Rishi asks her about the reason. She explains she was shopping for everyone in there, he showed her the earrings and she even liked them. Rishi asks what the problem is. Tanuja gets into the car as she is tired shopping for everyone. Rishi presents the box with the same earrings. Tanuja was happy and asks why he bear so much from her if he had bought them already. Rishi says anger suits her face. He continue staring at her smiling face. Tanuja asks her to go. They were about to leave when AK knocks the door of their car. AK says he was just passing by, and gets into the car as he wants to meet Natasha. Rishi smiles asking if they have a choice.
At home, Bee ji explains the work to Manpreet and Ahanna. Raaj asks Ahanna about tea. Manpreet comes to Raaj asking about his help, Manpreet asks him to come to Runa wala with him and take Rano along as well. Raaj asks why Rano? Ahanna says she is also coming with Manpreet, since they will be busy with meetings she will get Rano’s company. Raaj thinks it seems their misunderstanding has cleared and agrees to go. Bee ji was about to speak about the surprise. Manpreet interrupts as it was only about their deal. Bee ji tells them to not return until the next night, only then they will be able to arrange the surprise. Nehtra had come into the house.
As they reach home, Tanuja goes inside. AK carries some bags with Rishi. Rishi stops him inquiring if he is fine? He explains to AK that he loves Tanuja a lot, he wants Abhishek to be a part of his family; not party his family because of his one sided love. AK assures there is nothing like this. Bee ji was happy to have given the responsibility to Tanuja after all the arrangements. AK comes in and greets Natasha. Abhishek offers to place the bags, Tanuja tells John to place them in Rishi’s room. AK offers to go and keep the bags there. Rishi was suspicious of AK as he continued to stare at Tanuja. Bee ji calls him inside. AK was alert and walks upstairs. Tanuja asks Rishi about lunch. AK says he is also hungry and wants to join for lunch.
Nehtra was into Rishi’s room and spreads Tanuja’s bed. As Abhishek enters the room she wish he looks towards the bed. Abhishek was doomed realizing Tanuja and Rishi are staying in a single room. He jerks the thoughts as husband and wife must stay in a single room. He then goes towards the dressing room and opens the cupboards. There were only Rishi’s clothes, this means Tanuja doesn’t live here. Nehtra was alert as Rishi steps towards the room. He questions Abhishek what is he doing there?
PRECAP: Nehtra thinks no matter AK calls her or not, they share the same destination. At home, AK was determined to get what he lost.

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