The Episode starts with Rishi coming home talking. Ahana says you are happy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t see us. Rishi comes to them laughing. Beeji blesses him. Manpreet hugs him. Raj asks if he is happy. Rishi tells that this all happened because of Natasha, she is an angel and gave me a life. Beeji is happy. They dance.

AK comes to Maasi and says Tanuja started packing. Natasha asks AK to do packing. Myra asks where is he going? Natasha says AK will also come with me to Mr. Handsome’s house. Myra says two Papas can’t stay together. Natasha says once Rishi stayed here for many days. AK says your two papas don’t like each other. Natasha says I know..AK hugs her and says your don’t can’t meet me, how I will live. Natasha says she will stay with AK for 3 days and will stay with Rishi  for 4 days in a week. Maasi and Myra hug AK. Myra asks him not to be sad.
Natasha comes to Tanuja and says we are going to Mr. Handsome’s house, you will be happy there, I saw you crying seeing his pic. Tanuja says no. Natasha says chal jhuti. She takes her to window and tells that she prayed to moon for smile on her face, and it came. Song plays…Natasha asks whom I love the most. Tanuja says may be Papa, or Mr. Handsome. Natasha says no, I love you first. Tanuja says she will gift her once it comes in shopping centre. Natasha asks if it is teddy. Tanuja says yes. She thinks I am happy, but I don’t know if it is mine or not, there are many unanswered questions.

Netra thinks about court’s judgement. Kanchal asks her to go to Rishi’s house and get her stuff. Netra says I have a daughter Tania. Kanchal says you are her servant and asks her to leave before she gets insulted by Tanuja. She asks her to open her eyes before it is too late.
Rishi comes to Beeji and says lets go to temple to fulfill mannat. Rano gets upset and is about to go, when servant comes and gives her coffee. She throws it and scolds him. Raj asks Servant to go and asks Rano not to shout on anyone without any reason. He says you are very stubborn, if you continue this, then I will ask you to leave being helpless.

Myra asks AK where is he going? AK says I am going to office. Myra asks what Tanuja will think if you don’t go to Rishi’s house to drop her. AK says Tanuja knows that I can’t say bye to anyone.
Natasha hugs Maasi and Myra and says she will come and meet them. Myra reminds her of her promise. Natasha says she remembers being Natasha. Myra cries. Natasha wipes her tears. Myra tells Tanuja that AK left for office. Tanuja says I know AK can’t say bye to Natasha. Myra gets emotional. Tanuja asks her to be there and not to cry.
They leave from there in car. Rohit asks AK to see the progress of the office. AK says I didn’t ask for updates. Rohit asks him to be careful with Shiv and says he is freed from jail and can take revenge. AK says nobody can harm me.

Shiv tells his friend that his house owner is asking for rent and he don’t have money. He says AK don’t give him money. They plan to steal in a shop. Tanuja and Natasha come to the temple. Rishi is already there. Tanuja looks at him surprisingly. Beeji tells Rishi that his wish is fulfilled and tells Natasha that Rishi loves her much. Tanuja tells Rishi that she will do darshan in temple. Rishi says I will wait. Tanuja asks him to go and says I am coming to you, to your house. Rishi says our house. Maine tumko chaha plays…..Tanuja prays for the new life and Natasha.
AK calls Tanuja while she is held captive by Shiv and his friend in shop. Tanuja is about to tell him.

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