Avni opens the door and Neil enters. Avni gets shocked while the decorations fall on Neil’s eyes and he is unable to see anything. Neil calls out to Avni but she runs away. Mitali comes there and tells Sunehri that they will get police protection as KK’s shooting is taking place there. Later, Avni scolds Sunehri for getting Neil there again. Sunehri says that they need the money and protection desperately. Sunehri asks Avni to hide for a few days. KK’s shooting is going on and Avni tries to escape from the house without being seen by Neil. Goons some there and Avni sees them and thinks she cannot escape leaving the kids in danger. Avni goes back to her room but she drops a vase and Neil hears the sound. Neil tries to go in the room but Mowgli stops Neil saying that Jaan Didi has chicken pox and he cannot meet her. Avni gets happy hearing Mowgli’s words.
Neil stands near the door feeling Avni’s presence. Neil tells Avni through the door that he will call the doctor as she has got chicken pox. Neil enters the door and Avni hides behind a partition. Neil calls her Jaan Didi and then calls her Jaan. Neil asks why she is not answering him. Avni coughs and Neil ask her if she is fine. Avni pushes the partition on Neil and runs away. Neil goes after Avni. Mowgli comes and asks Neil why he is not staying away from Jaan Didi. Neil apologizes and tells Avni that he will make a herbal medicine for her. Neil asks her to give him a signal and Avni shows a thumbs up sign to him from the door. Neil gets happy while Avni cries behind the door. Avni thinks that Neil has not changed in 10 years. Saisha comes to know that KK is shooting in their house and she gets happy. Sunehri asks Saisha to concentrate on her studies. 
The actress of the film complains about the shooting location and says that a patient has chicken pox. Mitali says that whoever has got chicken pox in childhood will not be infected. Sunehri says she did not get. Neil asks Sunehri to shift to his hotel and the rest can stay there. Sunehri falls in DD’s arms. Saisha goes to Avni’s room and Avni asks her to get away as she has chicken pox. Mowgli calls Neil superman and Saisha remembers that she too used to call someone superman in childhood. Saisha asks Avni whether she will stay all day with her face covered. Shweta asks Mitali about Neil’s behavior. Neil makes herbal medicine for Avni. Shweta thinks that Neil has started to like Mitali. Neil tells Mowgli that he has only heard of Jaan Didi and never seen her. Mowgli describes Jaan Didi. Neil thinks of Avni.
Precap: Neil walks towards Avni’s room and she puts chicken pox marks on her face. Avni opens the door and Mitali sees her.

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