The Episode starts with Neil saying I can’t forgive you, I hate you. The mangalsutra from his wrist gets stuck in her hair. He frees it. He says relation is always mutual, you made this relation and broke it, I will never forgive you for this, about Saisha and KK, we will wait for kidnappers’ call. Avni cries. She says I know I don’t deserve your love, I used to hide from you, but my eyes always
yearned for you, I had gone away for your sake, I couldn’t see you and our perfect family fighting with Vidyut, I had already lost everything because of Dayaben, I couldn’t risk our perfect family, Vidyut was about to take everything away from me, I couldn’t ruin our family for my happiness, this is my truth, if you still hate me, this is my fate. She cries.
KK and Saisha run. He gets tired and

 says we will surrender. She asks him to come. They lie down under the leaves. Goons look after them. Kk says they are gone, come. He gets signal and says I will call police, why are you messaging me. Saisha says my phone is missing. He asks are you serious. She says I dropped it at the place where we got kidnapped. He says who is messaging me then. He reads the message… I will come to save you wherever you are, I will be ready to help. She says its my mom’s message, call her. Kamini comes to Neil. Avni hides. Kamini holds her head. Neil says I can understand you are very much worried but… She asks who’s this girl, her photos are tagged with KK, her name is Saisha. Avni hears them. Kamini says no one knows about her family, what is she doing with KK. Neil asks how can you say that Saisha is with KK. Kamini says you don’t know me, I have seen this industry closely, you have no idea what people do to get ahead in this industry, there is no mention of her surname, is this coincidence, this girl is hiding her truth. Saisha’s phone rings. Neil says I can’t hold her as a suspect. Kamini says I know, if you get the evidence, you won’t stop yourself from arresting your wife, I had told you, I know all details about you, I want you to do the same with this girl, who is she, who are her parents, her background, why is she with KK. He says I think we should think of rescuing KK. She says fine, find KK before everyone knows about Saisha. She goes.
Avni comes to Neil. She says Saisha has no surname because… Neil says because she is Mishti. He recalls Mishti and Saisha’s words. He cries and says every year we used to celebrate Mishti’s birthday, even this year, mom and I celebrating her 18th birthday without knowing she is Mishti. Avni says sorry, I will go and find her. Neil says our goals are same, we need to find Saisha and KK. He gets call from KK and answers. She says if KK called on Saisha’s phone, we can… He says yes, we can trace the call from DD’s laptop. Mitali says why shall I stay in this dilemma, I gave time to Neil to think, I will go and talk to him. She gets Samrat’s call. He asks about Avni and Saisha. She says I don’t know, Sunehri made a mistake by telling him about letter and DVD. He says she doesn’t know about it. She ends call and says then how did Neil did that. She goes out and sees Neil and Avni.
Neil says KK is so foolish, he won’t drop a message. Avni says Saisha is smart, she remembers my teaching. He says when I met her, I felt she is…. did she not ask about past. She says I wiped off her memories. He says like you wiped off memories from your heart. KK says what nonsense, there is no network. Saisha says we will try to send text message, its not going through. KK says its not safe outside, we have to hide. She says this looks like hill station area, it will be safe, lets go. Neil and Avni trace them. Neil says they are in the forest. Avni says we shall leave now, I will just come. Mitali comes and says I know you didn’t talk to Sunehri, how did you get letter and DVD. Neil asks don’t you know. Avni says Samrat made you the fake call on my saying. Neil says you lied about Dayaben, its all your plan. Avni says you did all this right. Neil says our friendship, my trust, you ended it all, don’t take my name, you aren’t worthy to be called a friend. Mitali cries and says I m sorry, I started falling for you, so I tried to keep Avni away from you. Avni says you should have told me, I would have not come in your way. Neil says Avni’s presence would have not affected our friendship, just I know what I feel, you were my friend, but now you ended our friendship, I can tolerate everything except lies and cheat, everyone should know this. Avni looks at him. He goes. Mitali says Avni, I m sorry, I was blind, I didn’t wish to trouble you, I just wanted to keep you away from Neil, sorry. Avni hugs her.
Neil talks to DD and says I have tracked KK’s location, don’t tell this to KK’s mom, she is doubtful about KK and Saisha, if media knows this, there will be unnecessary complications, I don’t want that. DD hears Kamini talking about Sukoon house. He goes to talk to her. He says Saisha is a nice girl, her mom is called Jaan didi by the kids, her name is Nilanjana Khanna. Kamini asks who is her father, what does he do. DD says he is in Mumbai police, he is at a high post. She says then I have to meet Saisha and her family.
Neil and Avni get surrounded by goons. KK and Saisha hide.

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