Avni tells Neil that she is always with him. Neil falls asleep and Avni thinks that she has to go away from him as she can only give him pain. KK asks Saisha to sing and Saisha sings a romantic song for him. KK clasps for Saisha and tells her that she is very talented. KK holds Saisha’s hand and she gets nervous. KK tells Saisha that he will drop her and the other kids home safely. The Goons thinks to make a short circuit in sukoon house and set it up on fire. Neil wakes up and wonders where he is. Avni sees the goons and gets nervous. Avni hides. Neil comes there and Avni realizes that Neil has gained consciousness. Neil looks around and thinks how he came to sukoon ghar. Tara and Sitara come to the house with drunk Sunehri. Neil is shocked to see them and asks them what they are doing here.They say that they are running an orphanage. 
Sunehri says that she is happy that they have reunited once again. Neil wonders what she is saying. DD comes there and Sunehri hugs him and flirts with him. Avni is hiding there and peeps at all of them.
Tara and Sitara take Sunehri away as she is blabbering. DD tells Neil that Mitali is looking for him. Neil tells DD that his past few hours have been very blissful. Neil says there is something special about this house. Neil leaves and Avni hugs his jacket. Avni thinks about their moments spent together. KK’s movie screening gets over and everyone claps. DD informs Mitali that Neil is found. Mitali wonders how Neil reached sukoon house. KK is nervous about Mitali as she is a cop. KK asks Saisha whether her dad will help him as he is a cop. 
KK asks Saisha to call her dad. Mitali intervenes and tells KK that she liked his film. Mitali offers to drop all kids at home.  KK kisses Saisha’s hand and bids goodbye. Mitali tells Saisha that she can see that she likes KK. Avni tells Sunehri that Neil cannot see her or else all her hard work will be wasted. Avni sees Neil’s jacket and thinks to return it to him. Avni gets emotional as Neil was seeing her only as a dream. Neil thinks about Avni and wonders how he saw Avni again although he dint put his life in danger. Tara asks Avni what if Neil finds out she is alive. Avni is sure that Neil only sees her as his imagination. Avni asks them to make sure that Neil never knows she is alive. Neil goes live on Radio and talks about his beautiful moments. Saisha puts the radio on and listens to Neil. Avni also listens to Neil and gets shocked. Neil talks about how he saw his loved one like a dream. Neil says that he saw and felt his lover after so long. Avni walks away and Sunehri goes after her and tells her that Neil still loves her so much. Sunehri tells Avni that she should be with Neil. Avni says that she is Nilanjana and not Avni.  
Precap: Neil tells KK that he has found sukoon ghar as the perfect location for his romantic song shooting.  A man comes to Avni's house and says that KK wants to do shooting there and Neil will also join him. Avni gets shocked.

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