Naamkaran: Neil heartbroken finding Avni alive recalling past betrayal
Coming up sequence in Neil and Avni life will unveil the heartbroken past forth viewers.

Star plus Romantic love series Naamkaran will be witnessing ahead a very exciting and interesting melodrama where Neil lastly faces off Avni.

Neil and Avni are finally face off while they save Saisha and KK from big trap.

However, things take ugly shape when Neil pays off hatred words to Avni seeing Avni alive.
Neil and Avni immense hatred
Although Avni still wants to distance her from Neil life.

This time Neil himself takes this big decision and decides to break all his chords with Avni when he recalls the scary past where Avni left him declaring her death.

Is this short separation of Neil and Avni?

Or this time Neil hatred will cross all limits?
Let see what new twist will unfold in the show.

Till then stay tune for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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